Monday, September 14, 2009


I've been MIA for the past 2 weeks or so. It has been a very busy 2-weeks for me, and I anticipate this to go on until end of November. Sigh. All these mean that I won't be able to write as much as I would like to in this blog. But fear not, I would still write. Even if I means only 1 post per week, I'd still do it. Hopefully all of you will still enjoy reading them. =)

For those who are curious, I'm currently in the process of applying for graduate school admission. It's a long, tedious process that just annoys me. But what has to be done must be done. So, no complains.

Okie dokie. That's it from me this time. Hope all of you are having a good start to a new week. =)

Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liners Overload

Okay...I confess. I'm addicted to Urban Decay's 24/7 Pencil Eyeliners. They are so creamy and totally waterproof. So, when I saw these on Urban Decay's website, I totally freak out.

24/7 Super Stash: Contains NINE pencils with four exclusive shades
Exclusive shades: Corrupt (brown sparkle), Binge (navy), Eldorado (gold), and Oil Slick (black sparkle). Also includes Zero, Graffiti, Ransom, Rockstar and Stash.

Hi-Fi 24/7 Set: Contains four pencils and one metal glitter eyeliner. Includes one exclusive pencil liner shade.
Mildew (deep green; exclusive), Zero, 1999, Flipside, and Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Distortion.

Stereophonic 24/7 Set: Contains four pencils and one metal glitter eyeliner. Includes one exclusive pencil liner shade.
Crash (deep plum; exclusive), Zero, Underground, Gunmetal, and Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy.

I am soooo getting all three sets. =P Anyone hauling these babies as well? =D

Check out this post for swatches of some of the liners.

Source: UrbanDecay

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tag: I Think You're an Awesome Girl

I was tagged by the lovely Naomi from Expressions of You. The tag is to list down 10 random facts about yourself and to pass it on to 10 other people.

So, here's mine:
  1. I hate celery and leek.
  2. I used to be in the volleyball team during my primary and high school days.
  3. I'm obsessed with coffee. Low fat Caramel Macchiato is my favorite drink from Starbucks.
  4. I love Edward Cullen. LOL.
  5. Love acting, and used to be in school plays.
  6. Never touch a single piece of makeup (not even mascara) until I'm 21.
  7. Not much of a dog or cat lover.
  8. I love Earl of Sandwich sandwiches. Yum!
  9. Don't like wearing heels.
  10. I love watching CSI and House.
Now, I'm tagging:
Adina (Krasey Beautiful)
Laura (lollipop26)
Ashley (Fleur de Cendre)
Renee (BeautyFool)
Emily (too much blush)
Connie (Skin Deco)
Madame B Fatale
Marjo (MarjoOnTheBlog)
Esmeralda (Face Decoration)
Tine (BeautyholicsAnonymous)

Remember to leave a comment to tell me if you've posted the tag. =D
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: Clinique All About Eyes Rich

Remember my failed attempt with the Origins eye cream? Ever since I finished that one, I've been trying a new eye cream. This time, it's Clinique's All About Eyes Rich. I got a deluxe sample of this (yes, another sample. I love samples. Hehe), and has been using it for the past 3 months. Yes, the sample actually lasted 3 months, and I'm still not done with it yet. Now that's what I call a good deal. LOL. But really, you don't need that much when it comes to eye cream. A little goes a long way.

Moisture-rich eye cream diminishes the look of undereye circles, shadows, fine lines-instantly and over time. De-puffs, calms with botanicals. Helps boost natural collagen production. Strengthens skin's moisture barrier against common irritants. Ophthalmologist Tested. --

Clinique's All About Eyes Rich claims to smooth out fine-lines and erase undereye circles. Sounds good eh? And with their 100% fragrance free and allergy tested practice, there is no need to worry about sensitivity around the eye areas. The cream is off-white and opaque in color, and absorbs nicely into the skin. Don't worry, there'll be no white film left behind. =D

  1. No greasy feeling. It doesn't leave a greasy residue.
  2. Absorbs really fast. I'm surprised too. Who would have thought eh? With the word "rich", one might think that it'll be something super thick and super hard to absorb. But not this one.
  3. Moisturizing. After using it for 3 months, I noticed that my undereye area is not as dry as it used to be. The effect is immediate, but over time, it is definitely noticeable.
  4. Doesn't smell funky. Yup, 100% fragrance free doesn't mean bad smelling. =P
  1. Doesn't help with the lines at all. Yes, I have fine lines under my eyes, and I'm only 24. Sigh. The price to pay to become a Software Engineer.
  2. No combat skills against dark circles either.
  3. Jar packaging isn't the most hygienic one.

When I received this, I was a bit skeptical. Because it has the word rich in it, I'm imagining that it'll turn out to be a grease pit. But hey, it turned out pretty okay. =) Overall, I'm quite happy with the product. Although it doesn't help with the lines and dark circles, at least it hydrates my eye areas. So, I'm definitely going to continue to find the right eye cream. But until then, I'll have to finish up my tub of All About Eyes Rich.

Anyone tried this before?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Review: Benefit BAD Gal Lash

Another mascara review, you asked? Yes, I'm kind of obsessed with trying new mascaras. =P But this time, I got Benefit BADgal lash as a deluxe sample. So, it's all good.

The hugeeee brush:

And a comparison of the brush to Clinique's Lash Power Curling mascara brush:
Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It's
as BAD as you want to be.

I'd usually stay away from mascaras with gigantic brushes, as they tend to be a little bit more challenging to apply. And that's cause I have short lashes. But I was drawn to Benefit's BadGal lash due to its promise for bad-gal-like lashes (oh yeah...).

As you can see from the comparison photo, the brush is HUGE. Compared to my lovely Clinique Lash Power Curling mascara, it's like a giant and an elf (imagine Hagrid standing beside Dobby). But one thing that's good about the huge-as brush is that it's slightly pointed towards the tip. This makes it easier to use as you can always just use the tip to get those hard-to-reach little lashes.

  1. Does not clump. At all! I'm surprised at how smooth and easy the application was. It coats every single lashes individually without clumping all of them up.
  2. Stays on pretty well. In terms of smudging, I've experienced worst. This mascara has very minimal smudging action. Definitely negligible.
  1. Bad-gal lash? Where? There's definitely no volume at all. Even my Clinique mascara can do better in terms of volume.
  2. Lengths? Nope. Na-da.
IMHO, this is not one of the best mascaras out there. The fact that it doesn't give any length or volume at all really puts me down. I'm glad that I actually got this as a sample and didn't went out to buy it.

Have anyone else tried this one? What do you think?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 25 Years Collection

Aqua Eyes Collector

To celebrate the 25 years of the brand, find the complete range of the pencil best-seller Aqua Eyes.
The delicate, subtly iridescent texture intensifies the eyes and lights up the eyelids with ultra-fine mother-of-pearl, without any oil effect.
This box is ideal for Aqua Eyes Addicts!

Aqua Eyes Collection

Aqua Eyes Collection 25 Years is a kit of 5 shades of mini Aqua Eyes waterproof presented in a metallic pencil case.
For the 25 years anniversary, this kit reflects the professional roots of the brand and highlights the link between MAKE UP FOR EVER and Art.
Ultra waterproof and loaded with pigments, the 5 colors Aqua Eyes Collection emphasize the eyes with intense and lasting color.
Thanks to its soft texture and slight sheen, Aqua Eyes intensifies the look and lights up the eyelids with ultra0fine mother-of-pearls without any oily effect.
The color stays brightly in place all day, even in extreme conditions.

Aqua Eyes Collection 25 Years contains mini Aqua Eyes matte black (#0L), pearly brown (#2L), blue with green highlights (#12L), shimmering plum (#4L), and champagne (#23L).

OMG OMG OMG! Although I've never tried MUFE's Aqua Eyes before, seeing these is like looking at a box of assorted candies to me. I can't stop staring at them. Soooo pretty.... =D I'm loving the 25-pencil set. *squeals* I wish I can somehow get my hands on these babies... *dreaming* If only I have MUFE or Sephora here...

Anyhow...anyone as excited as I am? =D


M.A.C Zoom Fast Black Lash

Launch date: September 24, 2009 [US] ; October 2009 [International]

Anyone who thinks Black is Black hasn’t got their hands on Zoom Fast Black Lash, our newest mascara designed for voluptuous night-sky volume, length like a glamorous, never-ending asphalt highway! This is the deep end of the Dark View, the night charm of every neo-Goth night crawler, and the most dramatic statement black could make for the Film Noir way of life. Day or night, sweep it on, and don’t stop there…a second coat before twilight will make the evening all the more exciting. It’s intense. Fast. And blacker than black. Zoom!

Zoom Fast Black Lash creates the most intensely black lashes while adding dramatic volume and length. The formula includes carbon black pigment, which creates the deepest, richest black ever. Zoom Fast Black Lash contains silica to add volume and create beautiful, high drama lashes. Panthenol and pantethine help to condition and strengthen each lash while a derivative of vitamin e and sodium hyaluronate help keep the lashes hydrated, soft and flexible. The patented, perfectly sculpted brush has 3-sided fibres that grap onto each lash, separating and coating each lash evenly in one stroke. Zoom Fast Black Lash is smudge-proof, non-flaking, long-wearing, ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested.
  • Deepest Black The blackest of blacks

Sources: cosmetosaur, Temptalia

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Review: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15

Yes, this is the long promised review of my current favorite foundation: Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation with SPF15. You might remember from one of my previous posts with me mentioning about my foundation-hunt experience, and that I've found a foundation that I'm willing to stick with (until something better comes by). This is THE foundation for me right now.

ps. Can you spot a reflection of my lovely camera? =P

And here's a photo of the pump bottle:

A truly modern foundation that offers invisible, weightless coverage that looks
like skin, not makeup. This long-wearing formula evens tone, minimizes the
appearance of pores, conceals imperfections, and offers broad spectrum UV
protection. Its hydrating technology leaves skin feeling cushioned, comfortable,
and clean. Ideal for all skin types. --

Like I've mentioned before, I've never liked liquid foundation. I find them too cakey and too heavy. Hence, I've been using powder/powder foundation all these while (for maybe like a year). I find that they look more natural compared to liquid foudation and I don't mind buffing them in with my handy MAC #182 brush at all.

However, that all changed when I find that I want a bit more coverage than my MAC Mineralized Loose Foundation can offer. And now, I'm in love with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. I first saw this on Bobbi's website a couple of months ago. The claims of "invisible, weightless coverage", "minimize appearance of pores" and "skin-like" immediately caught my attention. This sent me straight to my local Bobbi Brown counter and asked the nice MA to try this on me. At first, she tried #0.5 Warm Porcelain on me and (with a self-satisfied look) claims that it is the right shade for me. It all looked nice and "my-skin" at the counter. But I have a gut feeling that something is off, so I politely asked for a sample to try at home. Sure enough, she was really nice and gave me a generous sample. As soon as I reached back home, I went to my balcony with a mirror, and to my utter horror, it's wayyyyy too pale for me. I looked like a ghost (literally). Thank goodness I asked for a sample instead of purchasing it straight away. So, back to the counter I went (2 weeks after that), and asked for #1 Warm Ivory and #2 Sand on either side of the face. Then took their mirror and walked out from the mall to see how I looked like in natural light. After deliberating for a while, and with the help of the BF, I decided that it's going to be Warm Ivory then. The MA agreed that Warm Ivory is the better choice (it's a different MA then the previous one).

Okay okay, enough of my babbling, back to the review. Here are some of my thoughts of the product.

  1. Very light weight. This is like one of the most light-weight liquid foundation I've ever tried. I can't even feel that there's any foundation on my face. To me, that's the most important aspect of a liquid foundation.
  2. Minimise the appearance of pores. Yes it does! =D My face looks flawless, without looking like I have a ton of foundation on.
  3. Looks very natural on the skin.
  4. Perfect for my combination skin. It didn't make my dry areas feel dry, and it can somewhat withstand the oiliness on my nose. I only have to blot my nose after like 5 hours.
  5. It has SPF15. Bonus! =)
  6. Non streaky. Even though the formula is quite runny, the application is easy and it blends in super well.


  1. It's a bit pricey. It comes with a US$45 (RM160) pricetag. Yes, that's quite expensive for 30ml of foundation.

Overall, I'm very happy with this foundation. Even though it's slightly more expensive that what I think it should be, I'm happy to pay for it as it gives me the flawless look without feeling heavy. I say that this is worth a try if you're on the hunt for a new foundation. Just remember to ask for samples to try at home first before buying. =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Video: M.A.C ColorView, Autumn Winter Trends '09

M.A.C's team of super talented Senior Artists came up with this video that shows us the upcoming Autumn/Winter trend for this year. It's going to be strong black smokey eyes, romantic red lips and finely sculpted faces. Honestly, I'm loving every single bit of that video. Makes me want to be come a makeup artist too. =D


Saturday, August 8, 2009

M.A.C Dazzleglass Cremes Collection

Flashing Flecks of lustrous glimmer give the lips a new kind of high-beam shine, while the balm-effect of the pillow-top comfort creme keeps the supple going and going. Ultra-luxurious, no sticky smack or drag. Aloe and Vitamin E enrich, keep lips lightweight but strong-willed, for long-lustre, ultimate luminosity. Wear it alone for medium-sheer, dewy coverage... For dazzle with absolute comfort, it's better than brilliant. And the accompanying applicator brush is a dream.

Launch Date: 24 September, 2009 [US] ; Oct 2009 [International]

Dazzleglass Cremes: (LE) US$18.00

This is a new lip product that is a thick formula like the Dazzleglasses, but has the texture of the Cremesheen Glasses. They are pigmented and opaque like Creamsheen Glasses, but with the sparkle of Dazzleglass. The Dazzleglass Cremes are in the same tube as Dazzleglasses and have a brush applicator.
  • Soft Dazzle - Mid-tone peach pink with gold pearlized pigments
  • Sublime Shine - Light coral brown with gold pearlized pigments
  • My Favourite Pink - Light blue pink with pearlilzed pigments
  • Perfectly Unordinary - Bright yellow pink with gold pearlized pigments
  • Luscious Spark - Light orange with gold pearlized pigments
  • Do It Up - Bright blue pink with pearlized pigments
  • Totally Fab - Bright yellow red with pearlized pigments
  • Amorous - Deep brown red with pearlized pigments
  • Creme Allure - Bright yellow plum

My Favourite Pink, Do It Up, Luscious Spark

Soft Dazzle, Sublime Shine, Perfectly Unordinary

Totally Fab, Creme Allure, Amorous

Sources:, Temptalia

Make your own Studio Moisture Tint SPF15

M.A.C just launched their Baby Bloom collection in North America last week. The collection consists of Suntints SPF20 (ie. tinted lip balms) and Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 (ie. tinted moisturizers).

As far as I'm aware, not all international locations will be getting the Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 (check with your local counters). I know for sure that Penang (Malaysia) MAC counter will only be bringing in the Suntints. =( Sad... I've been looking forward to it. Sigh... But fear not! A cute little birdie just share a little tip with me on how to make your own Studio Moisture Tints using permanent MAC products. =D Awesome eh? She swears that the final product is absulotely identical to the original Studio Moisture Tints.

Here's what you need:
Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation (the size of how much you'd normally use)
2 pumps of Studio Moisture Fix
A little spritz of Fix+

Mix all of the above together and you'll get your very own customized Studio Moisture Tint. =)

The best part of this is that:
  1. You'll get to customize your own shade. Studio Moisture Tint comes in only 5 shades (Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark and Deep Dark). But Studio Scuplt Foundation comes in a whooping 23 different shades. So it'll be much more easy to match your own skin tone.
  2. Some people feel that the Studio Moisture Tint is way too sheer. By making your own, you'll get to determine how much coverage you want. =) Just by adjusting the amount of Studio Moisture Fix you mix it or eliminate Fix+ entirely from the recipe, you can definitely create more coverage for your tinted moisturizer.
There you go. Hopefully some of you will find this useful. =)
Let me know if any of you did try this out. ;)

Having Problems Commenting?

Hi ya' all! =) This is just a short post about commenting issues on this blog.

I've received a few emails from my fellow readers that they have had problems leaving comments on some of the posts. This is really sad...and I am truly sorry. I've checked all the settings on the blog and nothing seems to be stopping anyone from leaving any comments. The issue seems to be really random as only some of you encountered it. I'll definitely follow up with blogger about this issue, and see what they can do about it.

And for the meantime, if you get any problems leaving comments, please please send me an email at and let me know about it.

Thanks! And have an awesome weekend ahead. =)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

M.A.C Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Holiday 2009 Kits (Part 1)

Launch Date: October 15th, 2009 [US] ; November, 2009 [International]

Heavenly Dish Neutral Lip Kit US$22.00

  • Floating Lightly - Pale neutral pink beige
  • Heavenly Dish - Sheer mid-tone neutral pink
  • Barely Visible - Glossy pale nude with pearl

Possessed By Pink! Lip Kit US$22.50

  • Tickled - Dark plum
  • Laugh A Lot - Creamy mid-tone blue pink
  • Sweet Smile - Glossy mid-tone pink with pearl

6 Sorceress Eye Shadows US$36.00

  • Magnetized - Light frosted lavender
  • Altered State - Deep frosted blue purple
  • White Rabbit - Frosted soft white
  • Edge of Dark - Charcoal with silver pearl
  • Hold My Gaze - Mid-tone cool green grey
  • Hypnotizing - Frosted grayed mauve

6 Devil May Dare Warm Eye Shadows US$36.00

  • Dare Ya! - Light frosty peachy pink
  • Devilishly Dark - Rich brown with gold pearl
  • Oh My Darling - Pale frosty cream
  • Prankster - Mid-tone frosted olive
  • Sorcery - Blackened burgundy
  • Gold Tease - Frosty mid-tone gold

6 Mystic Cool Eye Shadows US$36.00

  • Cool Incantation - Opalescent white gold
  • Shhh, Don’t Tell - Pale neutral pink
  • Blue Enchantment - Dark frosted turquoise
  • Rose Potion - Mid-tone frosted rose
  • Deep Secret - Deep frosted indigo
  • Violet Vow - Deep cool brown

6 Smoke and Mirrors Eye Shadows US$36.00

  • Fire in Her Eyes - Frost neutral beige
  • Black Magique - Black with gold pearl
  • Deception - - Frosty golden brown
  • Spell No. 9 Soft muted pink beige
  • Wide-eyed Wonder - Mid frosty grey taupe

Hocus Focus Colourful Face Kit US$38.00

  • Pretty Baby - Soft baby pink
  • Peachykeen - Mid-tone peach with pearl
  • Sunsparked Pearl - Frost warm beige with pearl

Fab-racadabra Bronze Face Kit US$38.00

  • Golden - Muted gold tan with gold pearl
  • Sunbasque - Gilded peach with pearl
  • Buffed & Polished - Frosty bronzed gold

6-Eye Shadows Palette

Face Kits

Lip Kits

Source: BeautyStat

M.A.C Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Holiday 2009 Collection

Launch Date: October 15th, 2009 [US] ; November 2009 [International]

Lipstick US$14.00

  • Pervette - Soft bright pink with violet opalescent shimmer
  • Utter Fun - Fuchsia cherry pink
  • Surprise Me - Mid-tone peach
  • Total Wow! - Blue pink berry

Dazzleglass US$18.00

  • She-Zam - Sheer silver with silver and red pearl
  • Jingle Jangle - Sheer yellow peach
  • Phiff! - Yellow pink with red and sapphire pearl

Cremesheen Glass US$18.00

  • Ever So Rich - Sheer lilac
  • Partial to Pink - Light creamy yellow pink w/light gold pearl
  • Boy Bait - Light neutral beige with pearl

Softsparkle Eye Pencil US$14.50

  • Iris Accents - Pale violet with silver pearl
  • Nightsky - True black with silver pearl

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo US$19.50

  • Devil-May-Care
  • Base: Rich light violet
    Crescent: Silver
  • Under Your Spell
  • Base: Light yellow peach pink
    Crescent: Rich copper
  • Mayhem
  • Base: Dirty brown gold
    Crescent: Silver
  • Midnight Madness
  • Base: Dirty grey brown
    Crescent: Gold
  • It’s A Miracle
  • Base: Deep blue burgundy
    Crescent: Gold
  • Blue Sorcery
  • Base: Bright Turquoise
    Crescent: Silver

Mineralize Blush US$21.00

  • Su perdu pernatural - Mid-tone coral
  • Conjure Up - Dirty, mid-tone plum

Nail Lacquer US$12.00

  • $$$ Yes - Metallic silver foil
  • Lucky Number - Metallic blue pink

Source: Butterfly Diary

Monday, August 3, 2009

M.A.C #131 Duo Fibre Brush

M.A.C came out with the #131 brush in the Color Craft Collection and it sent the whole of blog-ville to brush-heaven (well at least in Specktra). LOL. Yes, we were all pretty excited. That's the one thing that I know I must get from Color Craft, the rest I can live without. (click here to see my Color Craft haul/review post)

Here are some photos comparing it with other M.A.C brushes:

From the above, the size of #131 is somewhere in between the #165 and the #129. It's almost a hybrid of the #187 and the #129.

Now, let's compare the #131 with the multi-purposed #129:

#131 is much "flatter" than the #129, while the #129 is much fluffier.

At first sight, I thought " bristles are kind of dense.". I was pretty surprised that the fibre optic bristles are quite dense, as I was expecting it to be more loose than this. The bristles have a slight resistance to them when you try to push it (if that makes any sense). So, on the face, you can definitely feel some push on your skin. But fear not, it's nothing harsh. In fact, it is no where near harsh. The bristles are very soft on the skin, and glides on smoothly. *heart*

Okay, back to the dense-ness. So I mentioned in my previous post that I intend to use it with more pigmented blushes (eg. Dollymix). At that time, I was actually thinking of using it like how I would use the #187 or #188. Oh boy...was I wrong. This brush is way too dense to be compared to those two. It is definitely dense enough to pick up quite an amount of pigment. So, you might want to be more careful when dealing with more pigmented blushes with this brush. However, with that aside, this brush is all beauty in one. The narrow bristles allow for precise blush and highlight application, and the fibre optic bristles gives it an airbrushed-look. Very pretty. Just remember to use a light-hand when dealing with more pigmented blushes. =)

I tried this with Cheeky Bronze MSF, using it as a blush. OMG! It is soooo pretty. Seriously, no kidding. The finish was so smooth and looked almost airbrushed. I've also tried this with Dollymix. The duo fibre bristles really gives it a very smooth very blended finish. I was amazed.

All in all, it's a very good brush. Is it a necessity? No. It's not one of those must-have-basic-brushes. But if you're a brush collector, or makeup enthusiasts, then this is definitely a must have. =D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tag: Overhyped and Underwhelmed

I came across this tag at Laura's blog (aka lollipop26) and thought that it was a great tag. So, I'd be doing this here too. =D

Here's how it rolls:
What were those products that were so hyped up that you felt you had to buy them - and then when you did left you incredibly disappointed?
Hah! When I saw that on Laura's post, it immediately brings back memories of a number of products that I just can't understand why they are so hyped up. =P

Here's my list:
  1. Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base - Honestly, I do not understand what's the hype about. Okay, maybe it does elongate the lashes a bit, but the "crunchy-ness" just puts me off. And the fact that it takes so much effort (compared to other mascara base) to remove it makes it even worst.
  2. DiorShow Mascara - I have to admit that it does make my lashes more dramatic (I secretly loves how full it makes my lashes look), but it smudges like nothing. I tried it on in the department store, and went shopping. After an hour, I have full-on black smudges under my eyes. And this is not even under the sun, it's just normal air-conditioned department store. Boo.
  3. Benefit Creaseless Cream EyeShadow - Sigh. This is one of the most dissapointing ones. I've read so much raves about it, and went to the store to get one. Result? Bad. It creases like mad. I'm better off using a paint pot.
  4. M.A.C Matte - Again, a miss. I have oily nose and was hoping that this much raved about product will help my foundation last longer there. Unfortunately, not only that it did not help, it made it worst. Sigh...
  5. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thrist Relief - There's definitely no "surge" and no "thrist relief" in this product for me (and my mom agrees too). I got this after all those marketing Clinique is doing for this, and after reading so many raves about it. Sadly, this has left me with everything buy moisture. It doesn't absorb into my skin and just sits there. The worst part is, I don't even feel moisturized. =(
So, that's the list. It does feel kindda good to get this out. I find it scary to sometimes write really bad review about something, and knowing that someone out there is going to come and "slash" me with critical words. However, I feel that people need to know what kind of products they're getting, and my "bad review" might just save them a couple of bucks. =) But that's just me. I write what I think, and I really believe that there's no right or wrong reviews. Its just what each individual think and feel about something.

Alrighty, remember to leave a comment and let me know if you're gonna do this tag as well. =D

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2009

M.A.C Love That Look Collection

MAC Shadows are simply the best...Sought after by Legends and Lolitas, Punks and Princesses, and all the pretty girls and boys who know what's killer when they see it! Season after season they show the love - now it's our turn with Love That Look! An intensified take on everything incredible about MAC Starflash Eyeshadow, with a formula so astro-silky, creamy cushion-like, and pearl-finished, in a fantasia of 12 fabulously frosted shades. Four Pearlglide liners to give the people what they want, essential Zoomblack Mascara and the 217 Blending and 239 Eye Shader Brushes that can make any first-time-tryer a true believer. Love That Look...Everybody interesting does!

Launch date: 30 July 2009 [US/Canada] ; Aug 2009 [International]

Eye Shadows: (LE; Starflash formula) US$14.00
  • Grand Entrance - Frosty neutral peach beige (Repromote from Starflash)
  • Dreamaker - Frosty yellow gold (Repromote from Starflash)
  • Smoke & Diamonds - Frosty gray taupe (Repromote from Starflash)
  • Glamour Check! - Frosy reddish brown (Repromote from Starflash)
  • Strike A Pose - Dirty deep blue green
  • Ego - Light yellow pink
  • Fashion Groupie - Light blue violet
  • Unbasic White - Bright off white
  • One-Off - Mid-tone green with silver pearlized pigments
  • Rated R - Bright, yellow green
  • Style Snob - Dirty pink brown with gold pearlized pigments
  • Fashion - Light gray-green with gold pearlized pigments

Pearlglide Liners: (LE) US$14.50
  • Fly By Blu - Medium blue with blue glitter (Repromote from Suite Array)
  • Molasses - Dirty brown with mid-tone brown glitter (Repromote from Suite Array)
  • Rave - Deep purple with purple glitter (Repromote from Suite Array)
  • Black Russian - Black with navy blue glitter (Repromote from Suite Array)

Zoom Lash Mascara: (Permanent) US$12.00
  • Zoomblack - Black

Brushes: (Permanent)
  • 217 Blending Brush US$22.00
  • 239 Eye Shader US$24.50

Source: Specktra

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review: Cheeky Bronze MSF

Who's in love with Cheeky Bronze MSF? Me! Me! =P I tried it out today, and it is absolutely gorgeous. No kidding. I applied it with the new #131 brush as a blush. It gives me a very healthy bronze peachy glow, and the gold glitters are not obvious at all. I am very pale (NC20; everyone I met said so), and Cheeky Bronze gives me the healthy glowy tan-flush on the cheeks that I obviously needed. I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror. =D If you have the chance, go check it out in the store. It doesn't look all that exciting in the pan, but when you apply it on your face, it is simply gorgeous. Trust me, you have to try this one.

Here are some comparison of Cheeky Bronze MSF to some other M.A.C blushes and MSF:

As shown in the second photo, Cheeky Bronze is the most bronze out of all the others. Eversun has more peach in it, so does Redhead MSF. All of the others make Peachykeen looks pink. Haha. In fact, Peachykeen is a peach with a slight hint of pink.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: M.A.C Color Craft Collection

While I was at the M.A.C In Mode workshop, I got the chance to check out Color Craft, which was released last week here. I wasn't too impressed with this collection, and only ended up getting 2 products.

The lipsticks didn't look too exciting to me. All of them look pretty dupable, or it could be that I'm just not that into lip products. As for the lipglass, don't even get me started with the square-tube packaging and swirl-y colored product. Just not my cup of tea.

The eyeshadows looked pretty interesting. They are all very well pigmented, compared to previous releases' mineralized eyeshadows. The only thing that I do not fancy is the 4-color-pinwheel-design. It looks like I'm getting less product. But one could argue that there's actually 4 colors.

Blushes??? Big big disappointment. All of them are very sheer and glittery. Only the darker ones can be used as a blush, they rest could only be passed as a highlighter. And there's just too much glitter in there. =( Though I do have to say that the glitters are not chunky at all. So if you do not have a problem with lots of glitters, you might want to check out the darker shades.

The MSFs!!! Yay! They are super gorgeous. =D The tri-colored ones are nice, but not as smooth as the Brunette Blonde Redhead ones. All the other are nicely pigmented and applied as how they appeared in the pan. The MSFs are probably the ones that are most worth checking out. Even a non huge MSF fan like me is impressed.

As for the brushes, what else could I say. I love brushes! Needless to say, #226 is a must have, especially if you missed it during it's initial launch in the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection. Hands down the best blending brush for people with small eyes. And the other brush is the #131. Super soft, and it is duo-fibre!!! One can definitely use it for very pigmented blushes and MSFs.

So what did I get? I only got the #131 brush and Cheeky Bronze MSF. Cheeky Bronze is sooooo pretty. I was like "OMG...I have to have this one" when I swatched it. It's a bronze with a tiny hint of peach and gold glitters. Don't worry, the glitters are very fine, and nothing too over the top. Remember, I dislike super chunky and crazy glittery stuff. So I wouldn't get it if it is. It'd be great as a blush for me (NC20-25). It appeared darker in photos (see below), but it's not as dark. It could be applied with a light hand for a nice heathly glow. As for the #131 brush, I just have to have it too. I've been wanting it since I heard of it in early April. I planned to use it with very pigmented blushes (eg. Dollymix). I'd definitely try it with other products to see if it could be use for other purposes as well. =)

And lastly, some photos for your viewing pleasures.

M.A.C In Mode Workshop...afterthought

What a super tiring Saturday. I just came back from the M.A.C In Mode workshop, did some shopping, had lunch, and more shopping. LOL. I didn't manage to get photos of the workshop and the setting of the place, as they do not allow cameras. =( Sad... yeah I know, suck.

Overall, the workshop was very informative and really exciting (to me, at least). There are no fancy technique taught, just basic makeup technique and products. Although I didn't get to learn new pro techniques, I was actually happily following along with the instructor (who, by the way, is Malaysia's very own M.A.C Senior Artist Yokoe. =D And she is absolutely adorable). So, it's a good opportunity for me to brush up on my application technique, and learn some contouring methods. Yes, she did teach us how to contour, which was pretty helpful. And other than that, I was pleasantly suprised that I like the feel of Strobe Cream. To be honest, I was never drawn to any of M.A.C's skincare product, other than the makeup remover. So it didn't really every occur to me that I should try Strobe Cream. But today, she highly recommended strobe cream and we get to try it out in the workshop. I was actually happy with the result. =) And my favorite MA even gave me a generous sample of it so that I could try it out more at home.

I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed by the fact that we didn't get to use full sized brushes. They actually provide use with those LE holiday set brushes. Tsk tsk tsk. I hate those brushes. Urgh. And the fact that they only provide use with Smolder Eye Kohl and not Blacktrack Fluideline or Powerpoints annoyed me. Eye kohls always smudges on me without fail, and there's no exception today. I got dark rings under my eyes after 30 minutes of applying my eyeliner.

Okay okay, enough of me grumbling about teeny weeny insignificant stuff. =P

Did I enjoy the workshop? Yes, all in all, I still enjoy the whole experience.
Would I do it again? Yes, only if I can get someone to go with me. Going alone is not as fun as going with someone.

And lastly, we do get door gifts. =) All of us each get a notepad, pencil, a sleeve for the notepad, a deluxe sample of Strobe Cream and Cleansing Oil in Tranquil.

Here are some pictures of the doorgift:

Enjoy your weekend ahead! =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Best of M.A.C Collections 2009 ... so far

It is nearly end of July now, and it's about time we think back to the various M.A.C collections that has either break us, or make us, or everything else in between.

Remember, this is for collections from January 2009 up till June 2009.

Best Overall Collection
Brunette Blonde Redhead -- OMG. I freaking love this collection. It's definitely my favorite collection since March 2008 (that's when I started to get into makeup).

Best Eyeshadows
Silverthorn from A Rose Romance

Best Eyeliner
Hmm...can't find any.

Best Lipstick
CremeTeam -- It has to be this collection. No lipstick can beat a Cremesheen.

Best Lipglass
Fierce & Fabulous (Style Warriors) -- absolutely fierce.

Best Blush
Style Warriors -- I love both Eversun and On A Mission. And please don't make me pick only one. =P

Best MSFs
Brunette Blonde Redhead -- Blonde and Redhead MSFs are THE bomb. If I can only have 2 MSF in my whole lifetime, it'll be these 2. No doubts.

Best Non-Color Product
Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder -- heart.

Best Bronzer/Beauty Powder
Refined Golden from Style Warriors -- It's the best bronzer I've ever used.

Best Brush
226 from Brunette Blonde Redhead -- This brush has saved me so much trouble from over-blending or under-blending my eyeshadows. Life saver.

That basically sums up my favorites from the first half of 2009. What are yours? =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Foundation Hunt...and Lesson Learned

Alas! After a long, long hunt and numerous trials and errors, I have finally found a foundation that I think it's worth sticking with. =) I'll leave you with the suspense for now, and I promise to do a review on that foundation in the very near future.

Back to my foundation story. Some of you might remember my post a few months ago about me on the journey to find a new foundation. Well, I have to say, it's been a very long journey.

Here if a summary of what I've learned and experienced.
  1. I've had some interesting encounter with Silk Natural's foundation. (Will do a review)
  2. My Everyday Minerals order never arrive. Sob...
  3. Tried a wrong shade that made me look as pale as a piece of paper. Literally. Luckily it's only a sample. Lesson: ALWAYS check how the shade looks like on your skin in natural lighting.
  4. Always ensure that all foundation have been removed completely at the end of the day, especially around the nose and near the hairline. If not removed completely, it'll definitely clog your pores.
  5. It's easier to remove foundation completely with a cleansing oil then followed by normal cleanser, rather than just facial cleanser alone.
  6. If you're using powder or mineral foundation, buff it in like no tomorrow (to get a flawless look).
So, that's it. Hopefully this will be able to help some of you out there. =) And stay tuned for the review of my new foundation.

Monday, July 20, 2009

M.A.C Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection

By Maira Kalman, Illustartor

By Marilyn Minter, Photographer

By Richard Phillips, Painter

Launch Date: 20 August 2009 [US/Canada] ; September 2009 [International]

Lipsticks: US$14.00
  • Full Body - Deep red plum (Lustre) (LE)
  • Hold the Pose - Brown plum with gold pearl (Lustre) (LE)
  • Front Lit - Light white yellow (Frost) (LE)
  • Lovin It - Cool neutral with yellow undertone (Lustre) (LE)
  • High Strung - A deep pink silver (Frost) (Permanent)

: US$14.00
  • On Display - Purple with yellow pearl (LE)
  • New Spirit - Light yellow coral (LE)
  • Personal Taste - Mid-tone rose with pink gold pearl (LE)
  • Young Thing - Yellow neutral with gold pearl (LE)

Quads: US$36.00 (LE)

Photo Realism
  • Photorealism - Gold shimmer with gold pearl (Frost)
  • Fresh Approach - Cool mint green (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Image Maker - Mid-tone grey green (Frost)
  • Grey Range - Deep blue green (Veluxe Pearl)
In the Gallery
  • Lightfall - Pale pink (Satin)
  • Look at the Eyes - Light violet
  • In the Gallery - Mid-tone blue pink (Matte)
  • Private viewing - Deep brown plum (Matte)
  • Skintone 1- Light white pink (Lustre)
  • Skintone 2- Mid tone gold (Frost)
  • Noteriety - Mid tone brown with gold pearl (Velvet)
  • Rich & Earthy - Rich coral bronze (Veluxe Pearl)

Mascara: (Permanent) US$12.00
  • Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack - True black

Powder Blush: US$18.00
  • The Perfect Cheek - Mid-tone pale pink (Matte) (LE)
  • Notable - mid-tone brick brown red (Satin) (LE)

Eye Shadows: US$14.50
  • Crest the Wave - Rich yellow (Frost) (LE) (Repromote from Naughty Nautical's Stowaway quad)
  • Off the Page - Mid-tone mustard orange (Frost) (LE)
  • Haunting - Light turquoise blue (Satin) (LE) (Repromote from MAC for Alexander McQueen)
  • Violet Trance - Deep blue purple (Matte) (LE) (Repromote for Balloonacy's Pandamonium quad)
  • Purple Shower - Mid-tone magenta with silver pearl (Satin) (LE) (Repromote from Turquatic)
  • Maira's Magic - Yellow pink (Satin) (LE)

Technakohl Liners: US$14.50
  • Full of Fuschia - Deep blue magenta (LE)
  • Artistic License - Bright turquoise blue (LE)
  • Obviously Orange - Mid-tone coral (LE)
  • Colour Matters - Bright lime (LE)
  • Graphblack - Rich graphic black (Permanent)

Pigments: US$19.50
  • Brash & Bold - Bright magenta (LE)
  • Push the Edge - Deep bright purple with pearl (LE)
  • Cocomotion - Dirty gold with olive undertone and gold sparkle (LE) (Repromote from Rushmetal)
  • Heritage Rouge - Deep burgundy with red and brown pearl (Permanent) (Pro) (Repromote from Overrich)

Glitters: US$19.50
  • Fuschia - Sparkling fuschia (Permanent) (Pro)
  • Gold - Sparkling chunky gold (Permanent) (Pro)
  • Reflects Rust - Sparkling warm red (Permanent) (Pro)
  • Reflects Copper - Sparkling saffron (Permanent) (Pro)

Gloss Texture:
  • Clear (Permanent) (Pro)

Front Lit, Full Body, High Strung, Hold the Pose, Lovin It

Young Thing, New Spirit, On Display, Personal Taste

Haunting, Off the Page, Purple Shower

Violet Trance, Maira's Magic, Crest the Wave

Artistic License, Full of Fuschia, Graphblack, Obviously Orange, Colour Matters

Photo Realism, In the Gallery, Notoriety

Brash & Bold, Cocomotion, Heritage Rouge, Push the Edge

Reflects Copper, Fuschia, Gold, Reflects Rust

Notable, The Perfect Cheek

Gloss Texture in Clear, Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack

Source:, Eye4Style