Friday, February 13, 2009

O.P.I South Beach Collection

This is O.P.I's latest Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. The first time I saw the ad for this is in the February issue of Allure, and the range of shades in the collection immediately caught my attention. This collection features 14 new shades, ranging from vivid purple to pale pink and warm browns to pale-nude.

O.P.I South Beach Collection

Shade descriptions (from L to R):

Overexposed in South Beach: Vivid purple
Miami Beet: Racy red-violet
Done Out in Deco: A "deco"-dent shade of arty lilac
Suzi & the Lifeguard: Light pink
Party in My Cabana: Rich, "cab"-tivating pink
Congo-line Coral: Orange-rose
OPI on Collins Ave.: Sizzling red-orange
Paint My Moji-toes Red: Warm rosy red
Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot: Flamingo pink
Sand in My Suit: Bare nude shade
Clubbing till Sunrise: Golden tangerine
Bronzed to Perfection: Toasty brown

I have never been a dark nail polish kind of girl myself. Most of the nail polishes that I have are quite light in color. In fact, the darkest I have is a navy blue color from Elianto, and that's for my toes ONLY. The darkest color I've ever had on my fingers is O.P.I's Windy City Pretty. So, the one that I'm most interested in is Done out in Deco. Fancy trying on a purple nail color for a change. =)

Are you eye-ing any of these pretties?

Info and photo source: O.P.I


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