Thursday, February 19, 2009

Review: Clinique Lash Power Curling Mascara

I have previously reviewed the amazing Clinique Lash Power Mascara. So, now is its little sister's hour to shine. This is like an improved version of the already great Lash Power. This is the Lash Power Curling Mascara. And the word to emphasize on is curling. When Clinique says curling, they really mean curling. Remember how I say the original Lash Power lacks the curl factor. Well, here it is. Clinique heard my call. This little baby coats every single lash there is, no matter how small and tiny they are (trust me, no lash shall escape this little monster), and curls them even without an eyelash curler.

  1. Again, the tiny brush is a plus. It doesn't matter how long or short, full or sparse your lashes are, this brush will be able to reach every one of them. And there is no accidentally applying mascara on to your lids anymore (I'm talking about you, Plushlash).
  2. The curved brush help curls the lashes.
  3. Long wearing formula stays on forever, even through rain, sweat, humidity and tears. Just like Lash Power.
  4. Really lengthens the lashes.
  1. Nothing is perfect in this world. So, the same applies to this mascara. Although it curls and lengthens (and stay on forever), there is still the volumizing department that is missing. If you've got naturally full lashes, then there is no need to worry about this.
Again, I can't rave enough about this mascara. I reach for this every single day. And it has never failed me. If you want a more dramatic curl, curl your lashes with an eye lash curler first than follow by this. You'll have the most amazing curled lashes ever.

Lastly, one of my favorite beauty blogger, BeautyFool, has also recently reviewed this mascara too. Go check it out.

So, are you gonna give this a try? =)

Photo source: Clinique


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