Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review: M.A.C Blonde, Brunette and Redhead - Eyeshadows, MSFs

Lets start with the MSFs. OMG, they are sooooo pretty. These are my first 2 MSFs and I've fallen in love with them. People have said that these new MSFs are more finely milled, has finer glitters and more pigmented. And I couldn't agree more. The texture are super soft and you only need a little product to give you that natural healthy glow.

L to R: Redhead MSF, Blonde MSF

I got the Redhead and Blonde MSF, and I'm using them every single day. Most of the time, I use them as a cheek-highlight/blush and they gave me this really nice glow. The Redhead one is a nice peachy-pink-gold shade. It's very natural and wearable. For fairer skintone, this will definitely work as a blush as well. The Blonde one is a nice pale pink-rose shade. This is my favorite. It's not too over-the-top, yet it gives you this really healthy flush. LOVE! Both will work nicely as a blush for fair skintone people. They have really soft texture and the glitters are definitely not chucky at all. In fact, I won't say they are glitters. They are like really reallly fine fairy-dust. LOL.

L to R: Henna eyeshadow, Knight eyeshadow

Next stop are the eyeshadows. If I remember correctly, there are 9 eyeshadows in this collection. I only got Henna and Knight. And let me tell you, ther are simply gorgeous. Both are Veluxe Pearl, which is good enough reason to buy them. Needless to say, the texture is divine and the color pay-off is absolutely amazing.

Knight is a dark grey with a slight hint of blue. However, the blue is not very over-powering at all. In fact, you won't even notice it by itself. I only noticed it after I compared with with Smoke & Diamonds (from the Starflash collection last year). Knight would be great in any smokey eye look, or in the crease paired with any cool toned color on the lid.

Top to bottom: Knight, Smoke & Diamonds

Then there's Henna. Henna is a dark gold with slight olive undertone. I compared it with Mink & Sable (from Starflash collection), and they look really similar in the pot. But when swatched side by side, there is a distinct difference between those two. Henna has more gold to it; while Mink & Sable has more olive. I tried to capture the swatches with my camera, but it would not show the difference. So, anyways, if you already have Mink & Sable and you're on a budget, I'll say skip Henna. Otherwise, get it. It's really pretty and I love it so much.

Bottom row, L to R: Mink & Sable, Henna


@DdY said...

oh my..the MSFs are pretty! *squeals!*

Serene2910 said...

the blusher are really nice!! maybe I should get myself one too...^_^.
can I know how much is the price?

Vicky said...

@Ddy: Yes they are. =D

Serene: A friend help me bring this back from the US. So I'm not too sure how much they are selling this in Msia tho. If you've never tried MSFs before, this is a good one to start with. ;)

Serene2910 said...

Thanks for the review ya..think I am going to get myself one of the blusher..the colour just looks sooo irresistable!!

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