Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blush Ramblings

This post is just going to be pure ramblings. If you ever get bored halfway through, feel free to just close the browser. I just have to get this out.

The truth is, I'm falling in love with blushes. And that is weird coming out from me. One month ago, I would have never ever in a thousand years imagine that I would be saying that today. Have you seen any blush reviews here? No. Have you heard me raving about a blush? No. Have you heard me saying that I have to have this blush and that blush? No again. So what's wrong with me? I think that would remain as a mystery for the rest of my life. Or until I get bored with blushes. Even I don't know the answer.

Here is some background to my "blush" history. I've never wear blush. Every. Period. I've always thought that I would come out looking like a baboon's backside if I every try to. Hence, it has never occur to me that I needed blush. So, ever since I started getting into this whole makeup whirlwind, eyeshadows have all my devoted attention. My makeup routine's main focus has always been my eyes. Mascara and eyeshadows are a must. Back then, I didn't even wear foundation. Just powder. No concealer (horror!) even. But don't get me wrong, I'm not the type that would not leave the house without makeup. It's just that I love makeup. So, I still have the occasional lazy days where I'll just go without any makeup at all (which is at least twice a week, cause I truly believe that my skin needs some "rest days" as well). I love the colors and how they can enhance what you have and hide what you don't like. So back to the main topic. Blush. The first blush I own is M.A.C's Dainty. I just have to have it even though I don't wear blush. I told myself I'll make this work. So I started playing with it and absolutely love it. Though at that time, I still think that blush is a no no and Dainty would be my one and only love for the rest of my life. Then one fine day, while I was at the mall, I saw that Bobbi Brown has this really nice bronzer. The MA told me that I can use that for contouring purposes. Score! I love to contour my cheek area (when I have the time). She's kind enough to do a demo for me on my face. She took out this blush and bronzer duo and started to explain the steps. On the last step, she applied the blush on me. I was like: wow! That is amazing. It's actually the Bobbi Brown's bronzer and blush duo. And it came with a mini blender brush as well. So, yes, as you might have guessed, I bought that too. Guilty as charged. The blush is the highly popular Bobbi Brown blush in pale pink. And the mini blender brush is hard to resist. =P

After that day, all I use from that duo is the bronzer to contour. Then came Christmas 2008. We all know what that means. M.A.C's annual Holiday collection! One of the blushes that was introduced in that collection was Stark Naked beauty powder blush. As soon as I saw the name, I was like: Yes! That's mine. LOL. Yes, that's the cheeky side of me talking. =P After I saw the swatches online, I was sold. I know I have to get it. The first thing that I told my MA when I went to the store to get my holiday stuff is that I want to try on Stark Naked. And after she applied it on me, I'm 100% sold. So I got that too.

Now, there are 3 blushes in my live. All of which I have cruely neglected all these while. The whole blush fiesta started with the two MSFs I got from the BBR collection. Blonde and Redhead. These two are the main suspects of this crime. No no, make that the main culprits. I love them as blushes. Especially the Blonde one. (Although the BF thinks that the Redhead one is nicer) I wear them almost everyday whenever I have makeup on. After a while, I thought I needed a change. So I went through my makeup stash and found the 3 neglected blushes. The first one I tried on the next day was Bobbi Brown's pale pink. OMG! It is beautiful (with a light-hand). It gives me this pinky doll like flush that is no where near over the top. As the name suggest, it's pale pink. It is exact what the name say it is. Then the next day is Dainty. Oh Dainty, how wrong am I to neglect you. Then it's Stark Naked. And now, I'm just in love with blushes.

Do you have any blush recommendations? Oh ya, most of you might not know, I'm a NC20/25 in M.A.C. And according to my mum, I'm too fair. =P In fact, she says I'm pale.


Tine said...

Ahh blush ... how I love thee :p I remember the feeling of applying blush properly for the first time, and seeing what a difference it makes on me, especially when I'm looking pretty terrible with lack of sleep.

If you have not tried NARS blushes, you must. They're simply gorgeous. Since you're fair, you might like the Orgasm :) Sorry to say that MAC blushes are meh compared to NARS :p

Caramel Geek said...


I'm surprised someone actually read my totally random rambling. =P Thanks for reading. Means a lot to me. =D

Ooo...I've wanted to try NARS for the longest time ever, especially Orgasm. But we don't have NARS here. So it's really hard for me to get my hands on one. =(

Jessie said...

Hi CG, these are some of my faves at the moment:

MAC Well Dressed - a light sheer pink with a slight glow

Smashbox Gossamer Softlights - a light peachy shade - gorgeous! Can be found on eBay.

Bobbi Brown Nectar and Desert Rose

Caramel Geek said...

Hi Jessie:

Thanks for the recs! =D
Will definitely check them out next time I'm at the mall.

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