Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haircare Tips

Washing our hair has become part of our daily routine that we don't even spend much time thinking about it. Some of us just slap on some shampoo, follow by a conditioner and we're done. And sometimes not even conditioner.

Do you know that our hair need as much care as our skin? Our hair is constantly being exposed to UV rays from the sun and pollutants from the surrounding air. The scalp is constantly sweating and producing sebum as well. Without proper care, it can lead to many hair and scalp disorder such as the most common problem dandruff, itchy scalp, dry scalp and premature hair loss.

Here are some hair care tips for healthy hair and scalp.
  1. Use a mild shampoo every time you wash your hair. Using a shampoo that is too harsh daily will damage your scalp and over sensitize it. This will lead to scalp that is too dry and will be really sensitive.
  2. Use a deep cleansing shampoo once a week (at most), like Redken's Hair Cleansing Cream shampoo. This is will help you clear out the excess sebum accumulated on your scalp and to prevent styling product build-ups.
  3. Always use a conditioner. I know there are a lot of people out there that would just skip this step. It is very important to repair and moisturize your hair after cleaning it.
  4. Do not apply the conditioner on your scalp (only apply to your hair). Most conditioner are only meant for the hair. Introducing too much conditioner on to your scalp will only promote excess oil production, which will then clog the scalp.
  5. Use a hair treatment mask at least once a week. Just like our face, the hair needs occasional pampering. =) Weekly treatments will restore the hair's moisture and health after a week's of styling and environmental abuse, preparing it for the week ahead.
  6. When styling your hair, try to use the lowest temperature possible (for you to achieve the style). High temperatures will over heat the hair and thus damaging it. And if you have dark hair (like me), your hair is a very good heat conductor. This means that all the heat that is introduced to your hair will be conducted to the scalp, which will then damage your scalp if you're using a temperature that is too high.
  7. Hair is the weakest when it is wet. When your hair is still wet, try to use a wide tooth comb to prevent excess tugging.
  8. If you're not going out or during the weekend, why not let your hair air-dry naturally. Give your hair a break from those heat and styling products, and I'm sure it'll be grateful of the special treatment. Plus, you can save some time for more important stuff, like spending more time with your love ones. =)

Lastly, please treat your hair and scalp like some precious scarce resource. Nothing beats a healthy looking lock! =)

Have you been taking good care of your hair? How is your haircare routine like?

Photo source: Garnier.co.uk


Tine said...

I definitely need my conditioner. Without it, I can't even begin to imagine what horrors it will look like :P

Vicky said...

Tine: Same here! =D I even bring my own conditioner with me when I travel. The ones they have at the hotels just won't work for me.

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