Friday, March 6, 2009

M.A.C A Rose Romance Product Photo

Can today get any better? First is HK haul, then Style Warriors photos. And now, A Rose Romance! Best Friday every! =) Thanks to the lovely Christine.

At the moment, I have my eyes on Et Tu, Bouquet? e/s, Of Summer e/s, Silverthorn e/s and Steal My Heart l/g. That looks like trouble to me (or maybe my bank account. ;) ).

Which one of these have made it into you wishlist?

See here for more product info: M.A.C A Rose Romance Collection.

Creme de Violet

Et Tu, Bouquet?

Shadowy Lady

Of Summer


Nordstrom Exclusive Quad

Just A Pinch

Blush of Youth, Summer Rose

Circa Plum


A Rose Romance, Oddsey, Way To Love

Secret Crush, Loving Touch, Tender Tryst

Magnetique, Stealin My Heart, Virgin Kiss

Love and Friendship

Splashproof Lash

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