Friday, March 27, 2009

More M.A.C Summer 2009 Info

Thanks to the ever so sweet Adina, we have more insider info for upcoming collections for M.A.C Summer 2009.

One earth breaking news is the colors for A Rose Romance Nordstrom Exclusive Quad: A Rose is a Rose. They are:
Solar White (frost) : Golden White (Repromote)
Contrast (Velvet) : Dark Purple/Blue (Perm)
Seeds of Love (frost) : Frosted Peach
Petal Worship (frost) : Light, blue-based Pink

Personally, after knowing what the colors are, I'm not too excited about the quad anymore. I was previously tho. But not anymore. I've heard rumors that there'll be a green-blue quad coming out sometime later in the summer. So, I'll save my money for that. I'm such a sucker for greens. =P

Adina mentioned about 3 other previously unknown collections. They are Color Craft (mineralized stuff. MSFs alert!), Euristocrats 2 (mainly lipsticks) and Graphic Garden (Nordstorm Anniversary collection).
For more info on all of these, check out her blog: Krasey Beautiful: MAC Summer 2009 Collections.

Have fun!

So, what are you drooling over now? =)


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

hm i might just spend on the new finishing

Caramel Geek said...

Hi Gorgeous!

Me too! =P Really need a good finishing/setting powder now. And a good brush for it too.

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