Monday, March 23, 2009

Need a new foundation

Just in case you're wondering, I'm currently using M.A.C Mineralize Loose Foundation SPF15 in Light Medium. I like the feel and the light coverage of this foundation. But I'm starting to suspect that this might not be the right shade for me. It looks a bit too light and gives me that white-ish cast (if that makes any sense at all). And Medium is too dark for me. Ugh. In fact, I have long suspect that the shade looks a bit white-ish on me, but I'm just too lazy to go search for another foundation. And as most of you might know, M.A.C mineralize foundation is not all that "pure", compared to foundations from other mineral makeup companies. But that's not the main thing that is bothering me.

Now, I am official on the hunt for a new foundation. I personally prefer powder foundation rather than liquid/creme type. Don't really fancy the feel of liquid foundation on my skin. And I've heard so many raves about mineral makeup, that I just have to try it out for myself. So, why not now? Since I'm looking for a new foundation, right? So, I am on the road of finding the perfect mineral foundation. And if I ever fail, I'll just stick with my current one (that's the worst case scenario). It's not all that bad. I just feel that there just has to be a better one. (Now I'm just rambling away, making no sense at all.)

I have just placed an order for sample/starter kits at Silk Naturals and Everyday Minerals. I'll definitly do a review on these two when I am done trying them out.

Wish me luck! =)


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