Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poll of the week: Eyelash curler? Anyone?

Well, with last week's poll coming to an end, it's time for a brand new one. This week, we'll like to know if you use an eyelash curler or not? It's one of those things that you either do, or you do not. Nothing in between.

For me, I used to have a phobia against metal eyelash curler. This is cause I've pinched my eyelid once when I was small (when I tried to use my mum's. =P Think I was only 10 back then.). After I started using makeup, I resorted to plastic ones, which doesn't quite give me the curl that I wanted. Note, I have stick straight lashes. Now, I use a metal one, which I absolutely love. =)

As for last week's poll, it's good to know that most of my readers use sunscreen on a daily basis. =)

Happy voting!


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