Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poll of the Week: What do you like to see here?

Okay. So some of you might be asking: What happened to the so-called weekly poll thing? LOL. I am so sorry for that. I've been sidetracked by so many things happening around me, mainly at work, that I barely have time to sleep. Yes, my beauty sleep is more important than writing here. Geez, talk about beauty obsessed. =D

This week, I would love to hear from you what you (all my dear precious readers) would like to see in this blog. More reviews? More haul postings? Beauty tips? etc etc etc. If you picked others in the poll, you can definitely leave a comment here to let me know specifically what "others" is. =)

As for last last week's poll, 62% of you can't live without eyelash curler. Me too! I have to have it whenever I use mascara. And for those of you who picked "curler phobia option", not to worry. I was like that once, not so long ago. =)

So, Happy Voting everyone! And have a great weekend.


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