Saturday, March 21, 2009

Review: L'Occitane Honey & Lemon Fragrance

This sparkling and delicious Eau de Toilette has a subtle blend of fresh and sugary-sweet notes. The lemon and citrus fruit scent give it a tangy freshness, and golden honey, vanilla and caramel scents give its delectable sweetness. --

The Honey & Lemon collection is L'Occitance's latest introduction. They have always been known for their luxuriously scented products. And this time around, it's another hit. Hey, you can't go wrong with honey and lemon, right? =)

As soon as I saw the promotion poster at the window of the store, I just have to go in and try it out. First of all, the bottle itself is really pretty. It has honey comb patterns all over it with a very classy golden-yellow color. It'll make every girls' vanity top looks pretty. There is actually 2 versions of this: Honey Lemon eau de toilette and the Honey Lemon shimmering eau de toilette. What's the difference? One is with shimmers and the other one is without. Although one of them has a more gold-ish bottle color, both of them smelled exactly the same. It has a light and sweet scent, nothing too overpowering. When it is first sprayed, there is a distinctive honey sweetness in it. Very yummy. And it slowly toned down to a lemony scent. Although the site mentioned that there is caramel and vanilla in it, I can't really tell of any. The shimmering version has some very pretty glitters in it. The glitters/shimmers are not chuncky at all. It is very fine shimmer, that would be perfect for a girls night out or any special occasion.

All in all, the scent is divine. I love all sweet, fruity scent, so this is definitely a hit to me. I would recommend that you try it out in store before buying it, cause the tangy-ness might not be fancied by everyone. But if you like sweet fruity scents, then I am pretty sure you'll like it.

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