Saturday, April 25, 2009

Review: M.A.C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

M.A.C's Color Ready collection came out at the same time as Sugarsweet here. I was able to check it when I went to get my Sugarsweet goodies two weeks ago.

The main stars of this collection are the prep + prime products. The eyeshadows are from the permanent range, so they didn't excite me that much. But I was really excited to check out all three of the prep + prime items. I already have the Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone, so I only tried the other two out in store. The MA was kind enough to demonstrate the proper way of using both products, and I was really impressed with the effect in-store. So, I got both of them. =D Unfortunately, my counter was sold out of the Transparent Finishing powder. I was really dissapointed, cause that's probably the product that I'm most excited about from this collection. But my favorite MA was really nice and gave me a very generous sample. I was so happy to be able to take this home for a test run before purchasing a full size one. =)

Today's review will be on the Transparent Finishing Powder. I'll (hopefully) put up a review for the line filler by next weekend. I'm still not done testing out the line filler yet. =P

Anyways here's a photo of my lovely sample:

A silky finishing powder that provides an invisible way to set makeup. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of pores, lines, imperfections. Available in one universal colour that suits all shades. Wear over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin. --
This is a white powder that feels really soft and silky. It contains corn starch, mica and silica. The nice soft powder is meant to blurs out skin imperfections while reducing shine. One full size jar contains 8 grams of product, which will last you quite a while, since you'll only need a wee bit each time.

Firstly, I am in love with this product. It is truly AMAZING. You can use it on its own or on top of you makeup to finish it (hence the name finishing powder). I can immediately see the difference on my face the first time I used this. It makes my skin looks flawless, even when I'm using it only on its own. Sometimes I'll just dust a little bit of it on my skin after moisturizer and I'm ready to go.

I know the powder looks really white in the jar (and in the photos), but once you fluff some on your face and lightly blend it out, you'll barely see any powder at all. The only thing you'll see is: no more skin imperfections. LOL. Here's a "swatch" of it:

Right: Transparent Finishing powder - not blended
Left: Transparent Finishing powder - blended out

From the photo above, you can probably see an area of my skin on the left that looks slightly smoother. Well, that's the powder doing its magic.

  1. Soft and sliky powder makes application a breeze. No need for super-blending-effort. Just a light dust of it on your face and you're done.
  2. One shade fits all. The white powder will be totally transparent once it's blended on your face.
  3. Really blurs out any imperfections. The pores on my nose are less noticable, and my face looks flawless, even with just the powder alone.
  4. It's able to reduce shine to a certain extend. I have a feeling that this might be as good as my M.A.C Blot powder when it comes to controlling shine.
  1. It's not easy to bring it on-the-road for touch-ups. But that doesn't bother me at all. I can still use my M.A.C Blot pressed powder during the day. So, this isn't really a downside to me.

Overall, I love love love this product. You'll have to go into the store and actually try it on your face to see it for yourself. Seeing is believing. =P If you've always been on the hunt for a good finishing powder, or been wanting the "HD effect" on your skin, this might be it. At least it is for me. =)

Have you tried this out? What do you think about this product?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Haul: Silk Naturals Foundation Samples and Others

Guess what? My Silk Naturals package has finally arrived! =D So happy to see it in the mail today. I've been waiting for 4 weeks for this, and now that it's finally here, I can't wait to try them out. Just to clarify, Karen is not at fault for the postal delay at all. For some odd reason, my package got all the way to Zambia (according to the stamps on the envelope), before getting here to me. So, that'll be a mystery we'll never get to solve. =P

Now, back to the goodies. As some of you might have know (from my foundation post), I'm currently on the hunt for a better foundation. When I say better, I mean a shade that would match me better, and look more natural on me. Other than that, I'm also looking for one that is able to curb with my combination skin (oily t-zone and normal-to-dry everywhere else).

My orders arrived in perfect condition. All the rave about Karen's customer service is no joke. She replies to every single question or email you send to her. And the package was nicely packed up with care and placed in a bubble mailer.

Here's a photo of what's in the package:

Perfect Harmony Foundation sample kit
: Samples of Buttery Gold base, Warm Gold base and Original Coverage Ivory white base.
Silver Lining eyeshadow
Disco eyeshadow
Sample of Pure Silk Powder
Green Goddess Mask
: This is a free gift that comes with purchases $10 and above.
Sample of Boom eyeshadow: Karen was kind enough to include this as a free gift. So sweet. It is as though she knew I'm obsessed with eyeshadows. =P

Now I can't wait to try all of them out, especially the foundation. I'll definitely be doing a couple of reviews on all the products that I've got here once I'm done taking them for a test run. Stay tuned! =)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Review: M.A.C Sugarsweet Collection

Overall, I think the star of the collection are the shadesticks. They are definitely worth checking out.

The new packaging of the new shadesticks are essentially the same as the old one, only that the new ones are fully colored according to the shadestick shade rather than plain old black. The packing is not the reason why I picked these up, it's the texture and the color.

And here's the photo comparing the 2 new shadesticks to Beige-ing.

Top to bottom: Lemon Chiffon, Butternutty, Beige-ing shadesticks

Before I start blabbing about how much I like these, here's a swatch comparing those 3 together:

Left to right: Beige-ing, Butternutty and Lemon Chiffon shadesticks
(on NC20 skin; indoor lighting)

Let me start with the texture. This time, M.A.C has done it right. The shadesticks are smooth as butter and glides on the lid like a dream. I know a lot of you have been complaining about shadesticks tugging on the lid and hard to apply. The news ones, however, are super super soft. I tried it out today and it is very smooth. M.A.C has been denying that these are re-fomulated, but I'm pretty sure something must have changed in the formula compared to the old ones. And just like their older siblings, the new ones serve as good eyeshadow bases and looked good even on its own. They make your eyeshadow or pigment color pop like nothing.

Second of, the color. Pale white gold shadestick? Count me in! Pewter shadestick? Me want me want! Yes, I am that excited. Now there is something that will make my beloved Gold Dusk pigment pop like nothing. Lemon Chiffon is a very pretty pale white gold that applies very smooth. It'll serve as a very good base for any gold or yellow undertone eyeshadows. While Butternutty is a frosted beige color. It is very very close to Beige-ing. Butternutty may be a little bit more beige, while Beige-ing is a bit more champange. But Butternutty's texture is way way better than Beige-ing. There's no contest at all. So, if you like Beige-ing, you'll definitely love Butternutty. And lastly, Cakeshop (not shown in pic) is a pretty pewter shade with slight green undertone. It'll look really good under any eyeshadows will sliver, grey or green undertone. I did not get Cakeshop this time as I've managed to swapped for it and it's on it's way to me now. Can't wait to try it out. =)

Here's a summary of what I think about the rest of the collection I did not buy:

Eye Shadows
  • Sugarshot - This is a pale frosted beige. It's like another other highlight color. And it's a Lustre. That's the main reson why I did not get it.
  • Dear Cupcake - Pinkish coral shade. Coral never looked good on me. =(
  • Aquavert - This one is pretty. It's a pale minty green. And it's a veluxe pearl! I didn't get it this time cause I've already got the one from Lure collection (with the green packaging).
  • Stars 'n' Rockets - Pinkish lavender. Permanent color. So, no rush.
  • Club - A reddish brown with green duochrome. Again, permanent.
  • Red Velvet - Frosted pink. Very pretty. But I don't see myself reaching for it that much.
  • Penny - This is a repromote. It's a mid-tone copper with slight pink undertone. Again, don't see myself using it.
As for the others, I didn't swatch them as I'm not a big fan of lip colors and M.A.C's nail polishes.
The other star of the collection are the MSFs. Both of them are really light. One can probably use them for highlight purposes only. I'm not a big fan of highlight MSFs, thus didn't get any.
And the tri-color lipglasses? Not my cup of tea. They are really sheer and the tri-color factor is totally overrated IMHO. The testers in the store are not even "tri-color" anymore. The colors are all already mixed together. =P

Did you get anything from the collection?

Have a great weekend!

Haul: M.A.C Sugarsweet Collection

After a very long wait (as usual), I've finally managed to get my hands on some Sugarsweet collection goodies. =) Yay!

The only thing that I'm interested in from this collection are the shadesticks. Here's a pic of the damage done this time:

Top to bottom: Lemon Chiffon and Butternutty shadesticks

And here's one comparing the 2 new shadesticks to the original packaging one. In the photo is the only shadestick I used to have: Beige-ing.

Top to bottom: Lemon Chiffon, Butternutty, Beige-ing shadesticks

Stay tune for the review. =)

M.A.C Color Craft Collection Promo Pics

Promo photos of the up-coming Color Craft collection. Am I the only one drooling? =P

Credits to

Photo source:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review: A Rose Romance Collection Pigments

M.A.C will be launching its A Rose Romance collection this coming 23rd of April in stores and counters in the US and Canada. In this collection, there will be 2 repromoted pigments: Mutiny and Circa Plum. Mutiny was introduced in last year's Naughty Nauticals collection, while Circa Plum came out in the Color Form collection last year. By now, most of you would have know that I'm a self proclaimed eyeshadow and pigment junkie (soon to be blush junkie). So, how can I miss out on writing a review of these 2 absolutely gorgeous pigments. =)

Circa Plum and Mutiny

Circa Plum and Mutiny
(on NC20 skin; no base; applied dry)

Circa Plum: It is a mid-tone dirty plum purple with a tiny bit of frost. This color is the most gorgeous purple I've ever own. Most purples and pinks just won't work on me (eg. Violet pigment, Fig. 1 e/s). But this little devil is just amazing. It's totally worth it to get a full size jar of this. Stunning shade, very versatile. You can wear it with golds, silvers and blue.

Mutiny: In the pot, it does look a bit scary. Doesn't it? But fear not. It is no where near as bright as it seems like in the pot. It's a pretty clear sky blue with gold and sliver sparkles in it. My camera didn't capture the sparkles, but it is absolutely beautiful. When foiled, it has a beautiful silver sheen to it, which makes it super pretty. It works really well with silver colors. I've even tried it with M.A.C Espresso e/s, and it is divine. I got a sample of this, but I'll definitely be picking up a full size this time around. =)

Between the 2 pigments, Circa Plum would probably the most wearable one for most people. To me, both pigments are definitely worth checking out.

Mascara Wand Size Comparison

Some of you has been asking me: Exactly how "small" is the Clinique Lash Power Curling mascara?

So, I think the best way to show you the size of the mascara wand is to take a comparison photo of it with other mascara wands.

Here's a photo comparing the brush size of M.A.C Prep + Prime Lash, Clinique Lash Power Curling mascara and Lancome Virtuose Black Carat mascara.

Left to right: M.A.C Prep+Prime Lash,
Clinique Lash Power, Lancome Virtuose Black Carat

The BF is sweet enough to help me take this photo while I try to handle 3 mascara wands with my hands. =)

Really hope this will be able to help some of you when it comes to deciding which mascaras to try.

Review: Lancome Virtuose Black Carat Mascara

Finally! A new post. This blog has been sitting around, collecting dust for a while now. =P I'm so busy nowadays, that it's not even funny. Sigh.

Anyways, back to the review. Today, I'll be reviewing the Lancome's Virtuose Black Carat mascara.

Divine lasting curves, length and volume mascara.
A Lancome first: Divinely lengthened, coluptuous curves. Silky glide. Pure Black Lashes.
This elegant looking mascara sports a chunky, curved brush which looks a lot like M.A.C's Plush Lash minus the curve. The tube looks so nice, you'll feel like taking it out all the time in front of your girlfriends. =P Haha. It is being referred to as an all-in-one mascara that lengthens, volumizes, and curves lashes all day. Its easy glide formula is enriched with black essence pigments to give a deep, black result. And according to Lancome, the long-lasting formula is virtually smudge-proof, tear-proof and easily removable.

Now. I've had the chance to try this out for 2 months already, and if you ask me, I'm not that impressed. I mean, they are claiming some serious stuff here: length, volume, curl, smudge proof and easy to remove. That's like my fantasy mascara. I have really high hopes for this baby when I ordered it from Sephora. But unfortunately, this pretty looking mascara fell short in a couple of areas.

  1. When they say black, they really mean black (with a capital B). The black essence pigment is really doing its job in this area. The mascara delivers a super black effect, one of the blackest I've ever tried. It'll give you the illusion of a set of full healthy lashes. No kidding.
  2. They promise volume and curl, they really deliver. This mascara adds in the extra omph that my lashes need and curls them at the same time. Bonus!
  3. Does not smell. Yes, some mascara smells funky even if they're fresh out of the box.
  1. Length? What length? Even my beloved Clinique Lash Power can do as good as this can. (This cost $23.50 while the tiny little Power Lash only cost $14.) Because this mascara comes from Lancome, I was actually looking for some serious length action. But it's just blah. There is length, but nothing exceptionally special.
  2. This mascara does smudge. Sad. After 6 hours of wear, I can see signs of black smudges under my eyes. This is like the number 1 thing that I absolutely cannot tolerate.
I really wanted to like this mascara, cause of the pretty packaging and the volume it gives. But sadly, I just cannot tolerate mascaras that makes me look like a raccoon at the end of the day. I know there are a lot of you out there that absolutely swears by this mascara, but it's just not for me.

Have you tried this one before? What do you think about it?

Photo source: Lancome

Friday, April 10, 2009

General Updates

Hi guys and gals! I'm sorry for being MIA for the past three days. Life has been crazy. I am working and self-studying at the moment. So one can only imagine how crazy my daily life is. =P

Anyways, I have had numerous emails asking me about various stuff and I feel that it's probably the best to reply here so that it'll (somehow) be able to benefit all my readers.

And as a side note, thank you all for the emails. Don't worry about bothering me. I love getting emails and hearing from all of you. So feel free to write anytime. =)

Q: What do you think about the Sugar Sweet Collection?
A: As much as I would like to get my hands on the stuff from this collection, my local M.A.C store still haven't got the stocks yet. =( I know, that's like really SLOW. Big time. We usually get stuff here one month after the US. But I'll definitely write a short review or something like that once I get to see them.

Q: Have you been hauling lately?
A: The answer is, no. The last beauty thing that I have bought is from the Hello Kitty collection, which is like a month ago.

Q: Can you please show us your haul-age?
I would love to do posts on my hauls (not that I have that many). But I'm lazy to take photos of them. =P Haha. Yup, that's me. But I'll try my best. K?
And the other reason for the lack of haul posts here is that I know there are a lot of haters out there, and I know what they say/do to my fellow beauty bloggers. Sometimes it's just heartbreaking to hear that people actually say such hurtful words to other human beings. Sigh.
Another reason is, I don't know if any of my readers are interested in knowing. I mean I get some mails requesting for them, but it'll be good to know if there are more people that would be intersted to read about them. So, please leave a comment here to let me know if you'll be interested. =)

Q: Do you use makeup brushes? And what brands?
Yes, I do use makeup brushes. In fact, most of the time, I'll use brushes for everything (from foundation, to eyeshadow, even for primers). I'll rarely use my fingers.
Most of my brushes are M.A.C's, just cause they make high quality brushes that would last me a lifetime. I do have a couple of brushes that are from other brands like Bobbi Brown, the Body Shop and Estee Lauder.

Have a great weekend! =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sale: Urban Decay Friends and Family

Now who doesn't like a good old sale? =P Just enter the code FNFS9 during checkout and get 30% off your entire basket. Yay! Don't forget to check out their 24/7 Glide-on Liners. (psst...these are my favorite)

And get a free Sellout Deluxe Lipstick sample with purchases above $35.

It's time to stock up people! =)

Urban Decay website

Monday, April 6, 2009

Poll of the Week: Do you use a mascara base?

Thank you all for voting for the past week. =) It's good to know that people actually visits my blog and I'm not just talking to myself most of the time. LOL.

Anyhow, for this week's poll, I would like to know if you use a mascara base. It doesn't matter what brand it is, as long as it's a base that you apply on before your mascara.

As for last week's poll, 72% of you said that you can't live without a concealer, while the rest of you are either indifferent or just don't even need one (lucky!).

Have a great week and Happy Monday! =)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review: L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Sorry that I haven't been posting for a couple of days already. And thanks to those of you that have been mailing me. Really appreciate it. It really means a lot to me. =) And now, here's a review of one of my favorite hand cream: L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream.

A super-smoothing--and best-selling--synergy of 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. Texturally pleasing balm glides on and absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. Anti-oxidizing vitamin E helps nourish. Invites even the most hard-working hands to a fresh beginning. --

First of, I do not like hand creams. Why? Because I hate the feeling of icky sticky-ness, oily-ness on my hands all the time. I mean if the hand cream is oily and leave a residue, then it'll be all over the place: the door knob, my keyboard, the sink faucet etc. Not cool at all. But what to do when your hands are all dry and flakey? Thus, it has been my mission to find a perfect hand cream that will moisturizer my hands but not leave behind an oily residue. I've seek high and low, near and far. And finally, four years ago, I stumble upon L'Occitane's shea butter hand cream. This might have just been an act of fate. Serious. I didn't even buy it. It came in one of those toiletry pack in the hotels that I stayed in. And because it was a travel size one, so I just put it in my bag (and because it's free too =P). As soon as I start using it, I fell in love with it. It glides on smoothly and does not leave behind an icky residue at all. Nothing. And it is so moisturing that it can even fight the coldness and dry-ness of Michigan. Now, beat that. =)

And the smell, is heavenly. I can't stop smelling my own hands when I put this on. LOL. Yeah, I know it'll look weird, so I forced myself to stop doing that after a while. Hehe. It smells of sweet almond and a hint of honey in it. And the smell stays on for quite a while, which is a plus for me. Nothing too strong though. Just a hint of scent.

Here's a summary of what I think of this product:

  1. Very hydrating. It'll hydrate and revitalize even the driest hands you can ever throw on it. Your hands will feel so smooth right after you apply this on.
  2. Does not leave behind any oily residue at all. Jackpot!
  3. Smells really good. And yummy too. But please do not eat it. =P
  4. Comes in various sizes, so you can pick up a huge one for home and office, and a small one to pop it in your purse.
  5. Contains Vitamin E, which good for your skin. And 20% super moisturizing Shea Butter.
  6. Jasmine and ylang-ylang is known to be able to help relax the body and mind.
  1. Might be a bit too "moisturizing" for humid and hotter countries. Yes, this is true. I personally find it a bit too much for tropical countries, where you don't even need that much moisture in your hand cream. Most of you who live in hotter and more humid weather, might want to opt for a hand lotion instead.

Haven't got one? Go in store and try it on. I bet you'll love the scent and feel of it too. =)
Let me know what you think! And have a great week ahead.

Photo and info source:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

M.A.C Euristocrats Collection

M.A.C's Euristocrats collection would be all about lips. It's said to be release on the 2nd of July 2009 at M.A.C Stores, and Nordstrom.

This collection features 7 limited edition lipsticks and.....dazzleglasses. Yes. They are back. =) And here's the product line-up:

Lipstick $14.00USD (LE)
  • Costa Chic - Light coral (Frost)
  • Naked Paris - Mid-tone brown with multi deminsional pearlized pigments Lustre)
  • Patisserie - Creamy neutral pink (Lustre)
  • Milan Mode - Deep pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments (Lustre)
  • London Life- Deep berry with multi-pearl pigments (Lustre)
  • Saint Germain - Pastel pink (Amplified)
  • Cockney - Yellow red with multi-diminsional pearl pigments (Lustre)

Dazzeglass $18.00USD
  • Date Night - Deep plum with blue and gold pearl (Permanent)
  • Euro Beat - Peach coral with gold pearl (LE)
  • Internationalist - yellow pink with blue pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
  • Local Colour - Nneutral yellow pink with gold pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
  • Roman Holiday - med brown coral with pink pearl (Permanent at MAC Stores Only)
  • Rue de Rouge - Light red with pink pearl (LE)
  • Vie Veneto - Light violet with blue pearl (LE)

Lip Pencil $13.00USD (Permanent)
  • Magenta - Vivid pinkish-purple
  • Cherry - Vivid bright bluish-red
  • Subculture - Underground pink
  • Whirl - Dirty rose

Info source:

Review: M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone

A light, oil-free emulsion that helps cloak visible pores while controlling oil and shine. Applies "wet" for a gentle micro-exfoliation: dries instantly to create an invisible, long-lasting natural matte finish. Ideal for the T-zone. --

The Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone will be launched as part of the Color Ready collection this April in the US. However, for those of you who are in Asia, I believe this product is a permanent. Check with your local counter/store.

According to M.A.C, this "primer" will help control shine and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. And throughout time, it's able to actually reduce the size of pores with continuous use. This is meant to be a spot primer. You'll only need to apply on where it's needed, and not the whole face. It does come in a small tube though (it's only 15 ML / 0.5 US FL OZ). So it might not be so economical to apply it on the entire face. The most common area that might need this is on the T-zone and maybe the chin as well.

I have been given a sample of this to take it for a test run and I've been using it twice a day for more than 3 weeks already. My verdict? I approve of this product. The product is of thin, liquid-y consistency and it is white in color. Now some of you might start to worry that it'll leave a white residue on your skin or it might feel sticky. Fear not. Once you spread this out, it becomes colorless and you won't even notice it's there. It might feel like you still have the "liquid" on, but let it set for a couple of seconds and it'll turn matte. This baby will help control the shine on your skin and makes it appear smoother.

With this on, I do notice that my nose is less oily/shiny throughout the day, and the enlarged pores on my nose are less noticeable. And after using it for more than 3 weeks, I can clearly say that the skin on my nose is slightly smoother than it was before. Now it's not a very obvious change, but since I use a magnifying mirror, I can see the difference from there. As for actual (real life) pore size, I haven't actually see a difference yet. I would definitely keep using this for another 3 months or so, then I'll be able to confidently say whether it works or not in terms of reducing the actual size of my pores.

There are two other products that will be coming out as part of the Prep + Prime range: Line Filler and Transparent Finish Powder. Can't wait to get my hands on those two too. =)

Photo source: M.A.C Cosmetics

M.A.C Color Craft Collection

Mineralize, anyone? Me me! LOL. Yes. M.A.C has done it again. ANOTHER mineralize collection this year. And this one is bigger and better. It seems like M.A.C will be doing this annually. =P

There'll be a new duo fibre brush. Five brand spanking new MSFs. Yes, FIVE. =) And a repromote, Porcelain Pink. And new blushes and eye shadows as well. This collection is gonna break every single MSF fan out there.

So, let's not make you wait any longer. Here are the juicy details of the product line-up:

(All LE) $14.00USD
  • Madly Creative - Pink neutral with white pearl (Frost)
  • Ever Embellish - Plum brown with red pearl (Lustre)
  • Made with Love - Bright coral pink (Lustre)
  • Colour Crafted - Milky pink (Frost)
  • Trimming Talk - Bright fuschia (Frost)
  • Most Popular - Purple with yellow undertone (Lustre) (Repromote: Hello Kitty)

Lipglass: (All LE) $14.00USD
New marbled texture, with three colors that mix into one.
  • Pretty Pattern - Warm mid-tone beige
  • Crazy Haute - Blue pink
  • Nice Mix Up - Burnt ginger
  • Funky Fusion - Pink coral
  • Eclectic Edge - Cool violet
  • Miss Marble - Muted pink

Mineralize Skinfinish: (All LE)
3 of these are the regular MSFs design and the other 3 are "striped" with three different complimentary colors.
  • Sunny by Nature- Rich bronze with pink pearl pig
  • Cheeky Bronze - Soft golden coral wth bronze pearl
  • Porcelain Pink - Soft pinky coral wth gold veining (Repromote: Gold Play and A Muse)
  • Triple Fusion - Left: Soft champagne gold / Center: Soft golden peach / Right: Rose pink with gold nuances
  • Smooth Merge - Left: Soft champange pink / Center: Deep rose / Right: Pale cool pink
  • Warm Blend - Left: Antique gold / Center: Mahogany Bronze / Right: Copper

Mineralize Eyeshadows: (All LE)
These have a "pinwheel" design that incorporate 4 shades into one pan.
  • Assemblage - White with silver pearl / Deep grey / Black with silver glitter / Warm yellow gold
  • Odd Bits - Mid-tone silver grey / Dusty rose with gold pearl / Dark burgundy/ Peachy bronze
  • Fashion Patch - Ice blue / Off white / Black with silver glitter / Light white pink
  • Eccentricity - Rich gold / Light violet / Deep plum/ Rich bronze
  • Natural Flare - Copper / Yellow orange / Mid-tone brown / Rich gold
  • Girlish Romp - Mid-tone violet / Yellow white with gold pearl / Light pastel coral / Mid-tone pink

Mineralize Blush: (All LE) $21.00USD
  • Hand-Finish - Light pink with deep gold veining
  • Fab-dabulous - Mid-tone burnt coral with yellow gold veining
  • Daft Pink - Deep blue pink with light white gold veining
  • Improvise - Mid-tone neutral coral with light white yellow gold veining
  • Cheek & Cheerful - Mid-tone bronzy brown with yellow gold veining
  • Style Demon - Mid-tone brick red with copper veining

  • #226 Small Tapered Blending Brush - Small tapered blending brush (LE) $24.50USD (Repromote from Brunette Blonde Redhead)
  • #109 Small Contour Brush - Use on the face to apply, blend or contour powder products. Softly rounded dome tip delivers just enough colour; smoothly blends colour into the face. Of natural fibres. (Permanent) - $32.00USD
  • #130 Brush - Flat tapered face brush w short natural hairs and long synthetic fibres (LE)

Photo and info source: