Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review: Lancome Virtuose Black Carat Mascara

Finally! A new post. This blog has been sitting around, collecting dust for a while now. =P I'm so busy nowadays, that it's not even funny. Sigh.

Anyways, back to the review. Today, I'll be reviewing the Lancome's Virtuose Black Carat mascara.

Divine lasting curves, length and volume mascara.
A Lancome first: Divinely lengthened, coluptuous curves. Silky glide. Pure Black Lashes.
This elegant looking mascara sports a chunky, curved brush which looks a lot like M.A.C's Plush Lash minus the curve. The tube looks so nice, you'll feel like taking it out all the time in front of your girlfriends. =P Haha. It is being referred to as an all-in-one mascara that lengthens, volumizes, and curves lashes all day. Its easy glide formula is enriched with black essence pigments to give a deep, black result. And according to Lancome, the long-lasting formula is virtually smudge-proof, tear-proof and easily removable.

Now. I've had the chance to try this out for 2 months already, and if you ask me, I'm not that impressed. I mean, they are claiming some serious stuff here: length, volume, curl, smudge proof and easy to remove. That's like my fantasy mascara. I have really high hopes for this baby when I ordered it from Sephora. But unfortunately, this pretty looking mascara fell short in a couple of areas.

  1. When they say black, they really mean black (with a capital B). The black essence pigment is really doing its job in this area. The mascara delivers a super black effect, one of the blackest I've ever tried. It'll give you the illusion of a set of full healthy lashes. No kidding.
  2. They promise volume and curl, they really deliver. This mascara adds in the extra omph that my lashes need and curls them at the same time. Bonus!
  3. Does not smell. Yes, some mascara smells funky even if they're fresh out of the box.
  1. Length? What length? Even my beloved Clinique Lash Power can do as good as this can. (This cost $23.50 while the tiny little Power Lash only cost $14.) Because this mascara comes from Lancome, I was actually looking for some serious length action. But it's just blah. There is length, but nothing exceptionally special.
  2. This mascara does smudge. Sad. After 6 hours of wear, I can see signs of black smudges under my eyes. This is like the number 1 thing that I absolutely cannot tolerate.
I really wanted to like this mascara, cause of the pretty packaging and the volume it gives. But sadly, I just cannot tolerate mascaras that makes me look like a raccoon at the end of the day. I know there are a lot of you out there that absolutely swears by this mascara, but it's just not for me.

Have you tried this one before? What do you think about it?

Photo source: Lancome


Renee said...

My favorite!!!! Sucks that it smudged for you, I haven't had any smudges since I've been using it. If you're looking for length try L'Extreme - I really loved the length and natural look it gave :)

Caramel Geek said...

Hi Renee! ~waves~ Thanks for stopping by. =)
I know! I had high hopes for it (since I know it's your fav). Too bad the "relationship" didn't work out. LOL.
Going to the mall tonite. So will definitely go check out L'Extreme. ;)

Renee said...

I'm kinda glad your relationship didn't work out ... that's what V gets for cheating on me! He will be sleeping on the couch tonight as punishment...

LOL we're crazy.

I also like Hypnose, but that's more for volume :) Let me know if you pick up L'Extreme and when you post about it!

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