Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review: A Rose Romance Collection Pigments

M.A.C will be launching its A Rose Romance collection this coming 23rd of April in stores and counters in the US and Canada. In this collection, there will be 2 repromoted pigments: Mutiny and Circa Plum. Mutiny was introduced in last year's Naughty Nauticals collection, while Circa Plum came out in the Color Form collection last year. By now, most of you would have know that I'm a self proclaimed eyeshadow and pigment junkie (soon to be blush junkie). So, how can I miss out on writing a review of these 2 absolutely gorgeous pigments. =)

Circa Plum and Mutiny

Circa Plum and Mutiny
(on NC20 skin; no base; applied dry)

Circa Plum: It is a mid-tone dirty plum purple with a tiny bit of frost. This color is the most gorgeous purple I've ever own. Most purples and pinks just won't work on me (eg. Violet pigment, Fig. 1 e/s). But this little devil is just amazing. It's totally worth it to get a full size jar of this. Stunning shade, very versatile. You can wear it with golds, silvers and blue.

Mutiny: In the pot, it does look a bit scary. Doesn't it? But fear not. It is no where near as bright as it seems like in the pot. It's a pretty clear sky blue with gold and sliver sparkles in it. My camera didn't capture the sparkles, but it is absolutely beautiful. When foiled, it has a beautiful silver sheen to it, which makes it super pretty. It works really well with silver colors. I've even tried it with M.A.C Espresso e/s, and it is divine. I got a sample of this, but I'll definitely be picking up a full size this time around. =)

Between the 2 pigments, Circa Plum would probably the most wearable one for most people. To me, both pigments are definitely worth checking out.


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

ooo loving the purple!

Caramel Geek said...

It's like the best purple I've ever own. You should definitely go check it out. =)

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