Friday, May 29, 2009

Positive Lifestyle

I came across this page on Bobbi Brown's website and I got one of those "Aha!" moment. =D

I can't agree more with Bobbi on her philosophy in life. And dare I say, it's more or less what I have been trying to keep to all these while. Since 6 years ago, I resolute in changing the way I live my life. Of course it's not a one day change. I made tiny changes to my everyday life, and it took me probably around 3 years to successfully embed these positive thinking in my head. LOL. And now, it's just second nature to me.

Here's a list of things I do towards a positively lifestyle:
  1. Always be on time - Don't you hate it when your mates make you wait half an hour outside the cinema? Or when that business client is 45 minutes late, and hence cause you to miss the next appointment after that? I'm pretty sure all of us has gone through that. Not only that it's rude to make people wait, but you're disrupting other people's schedule. Always try to be on time or even early for an appointment. I'm sure everyone appreciates that. And you know what, since 6 years ago, I've always had my watch dialed up 5 minutes earlier than the standard radio time.
  2. Look people in the eye - I think a lot of people find it difficult to do that, cause they find it distracting or somehow intruding. Personally, I think it's only polite to do so. If your eyes are like darting here and there, looking at everything but the person you're talking to, it'll look really rude. When I say look people in the eye, I don't mean stare. Haha. Yes, staring would be rude too. If you're talking to somebody or when someone's talking to you, it's only nice to give that person your fullest attention and look at that person in the eye. Be confident, and look everyone in the eye. There should be no fear no matter who you're facing. =)
  3. Don't smoke - This is like the number one NO NO for me. I have never smoked (no, not even a puff) and I don't plan to ever do so. I think it's very unattractive and most of all, it's very harmful to your body. Not only that, you're face would never look its best as there are all these toxins. And no matter how much makeup you pile on your face, you'll never look as healthy and glow-y as you might have without smoking.
  4. Drink lots of water - Ooo... this is an interesting one. I used to hate drinking plain water. Seriously. I would just conveniently "forget" to drink water. Haha. Then I'll have all these complications: constipation, dry skin, sore throat all the time etc. One fine day maybe 5 years ago, I just got sick of having sore throat and falling sick so frequently, that I told myself I'll drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Oh man, it was so hard at first. But day by day, milliliter by milliliter, I start to increase the amount of water I drink. And now, I can confidently say that I drink at least 2 liters of water a day for at least 28 days out of 30 days. LOL. And you know what, water is actually really good for us. So, drink up! =)
  5. Eat healthy - I love fried food and junk food. Seriously. And I still do. But! I control my intake of "unhealthy" food. When I used to eat a lot of them, my energy level was really really low, and I feel sluggish all the time. But now that I only take them at a very minimum level, my energy level is wayyyy better and I feel much much better mentally and physically.
  6. Exercise - I have gone from no exercise at all to full-on hit-the-gym-3-times-a-week to gym-once-every-2-week. And I can honestly tell you, doing exercise makes such a big different in terms of your energy level and health wise. When I used to hit the gym at least 3 times a week (the BF says I'm nuts), I am much fitter, have higher energy level, fall sick less and feel much much better about myself. And since I started working one year ago, it is so hard for me to find time to go to the gym and have a good workout. So now, I only go to the gym like once every 2 weeks. I know, that's wayyy too few and it sucks. I love going to the gym. But working really sucks up all my time and energy. Sigh...
  7. Be nice - Do I need to say more about this? =)
  8. Think positively - I know this is really hard to do, especially when times are bad. But I feel that it is really important for one to always think on the positive side of everything. This is particularly important during bad times, as this will give some one hope that this bad situation will pass and good things will come.
  9. Never give up - This is probably the most important one out of all of them. Everything I said above depends on this. Without this, one can never go far in whatever they are trying to achieve.
I hope this will be able to inspire somebody out there. But remember, we're only human. Slip-ups are bound to happen. If you're trying to achieve something (like drinking more water) and slipped one or two days, that's totally fine. As long as you pick up again the next day (gradually, of course). Remember, never give up!

What's your positive lifestyle philosophy?

Reference: Bobbi Brown: Her Story

Monday, May 25, 2009

Review: L'occitane Peach Blossom Peachy Skin Moisture Gel

Peach, anyone? =) I bet most of us have a soft side for peach. How can one resist the sweet smell of a freshly cut peach. Yummy!

L'Occitaine has come out with a Peach Blossom collection, that combines the fruity scent of peach and floral touch of blossom. There is a polishing shower gel, body moisture gel, eau de toilette and a glossy lip balm in this collection.

I love love love the scent of this collection, especially the body gel. To me, there is more peach than blossom to it. The blossom scent is very subtle, and the peach is super fruity. It doesn't smell overly sweet. Just very yummy. =D It makes you feel like you're in a fruit orchard surrounded by sweet juicy peaches. Heaven eh?

This moisturizing body gel has a unique texture that leaves a powdery, velvety finish. Enriched with peach kernel oil, it nourishes the skin and envelops it with the fresh, floral and delicious scent of Peach Blossom. With every day use, your skin becomes as soft, supple and silky as a peach! -- L'Occitane

Here's what I think about the new and limited edition Peach Blossom skin moisture gel:

  1. It's peach. What more can I say? =P The scent is super super yummy and fruity. I love fruity scents. After I tried this on in the store, I can't stop smelling my own hand for the rest of the day. (Yeah, that sounds really weird. LOL.)
  2. The body gel applies very smoothly and does not leave behind a greasy residue.
  3. Makes your skin feels velvety soft and smooth.
  4. Although it's just a body gel, the scent lingers around quite a while.
  1. This will not be moisturizing enough for winter or dryer months, as it is a gel.

I think this collection will appeal to a lot of people. If you still haven't check this out yet, run to your nearest store and try it on. =)

If you're a perfume kind of person, check out the Eau de Toilette too!

Info and photo source: L'Occitane

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Review: M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin

M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin is probably one of the most talked about foundation primer around beautyville. Some people swears by it; some hated it. Well, here's a little something something of what I think about it. =)

An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder. --

The MAC Prep + Prime Skin is a foundation primer that comes in a black opaque bottle, with a pump dispenser. The product is a white color gel-like fluid that you apply pre-foundation. It'll help improve application of your foundation and even out skin texture. On top of that, it's also able to prolong the wear of your foundation and helps control oil. Although it looks white when you first pump it out from the bottle, it applies to a smooth transparent finish. The smooth-ness definitely comes from the silicons in it. Yes, it contains silicon. So, if you're allergic to silicons, this is not for you.

To use this, first apply moisturizer your face. You MUST moisturize. I can't stress how important it is to always moisturize before any type of makeup application. This will hydrate any dry areas and prevent flaking. Moisturizing before makeup application can also plump up your skin so that your makeup will look much much better. It doesn't matter if it's a moisturizing cream or an oil-control moisturizer, please moisturize. So after applying your moisturizer, let your skin absorb the moisturizer first. This will approximately take around 1 - 2 minutes. Then apply a thin layer of Prep + Prime Skin on your face. You'll only need a small amount. I use one and a half pump for my whole face. Let the the primer set for about another 1 - 2 minutes, then your face is ready of foundation or even powder. You can use this with all types of foundation, even with just powder alone.

The primer contains tiny little light reflecting particles. This will help you have that glowy looking skin. Don't worry, you won't look like a disco ball. It's very subtle and pretty, making skin look more "awake".

Here's a summary of my thoughts about this product:

  1. Evens out any skin uneveness.
  2. Makes foundation and powder application very smooth.
  3. Helps my foundation or powder last longer.
  4. Helps give you that glowy look (if that's what you're after).
  5. Helps control oiliness. Key word here is CONTROL. It will not prevent oil, just slightly control it. You'll probably still have to touch up after 5 hours.
  1. Even though it claims to be able to even out redness, no it doesn't. I have broken capilaries on my cheeks, which is still vividly visible even after applying this. (But to be fair, I still haven't find a product that is able to even that out. Except for foundations and concealers.)
  2. The opaque bottle makes it hard to estimate how much product that is left. This is not a down side of the product, more on the packaging.
Overall, I'm quite happy with this product. It's not my holy grail, but it's definitely good. If you're looking for a new foundation primer, why not drop by your local MAC counter and try this out for yourself. =)

Used this before? Love it? Hate it?

Info source: M.A.C Cosmetics

Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember to write your unit tests...

Be warned! This post has nothing what-so-ever to do with beauty. No matter how you want to twist it, it's never ever going to have anything to do with makeup or skincare. LOL.

Welcome to the geeky part of me. =D Yes, I have a geek-ish side too. As some of you might have already know, I am a Software Engineer. So, I love everything related to coding and technology. Just gotta love them! =)

So, anyways, this is a video about unit testing and it's freaking hilarious. I almost died laughing. And I'm still laughing right now, while writing this post.

For those of you that are not so familiar with unit testing, there's some background reading on Wikipedia here.

I think software programmers will be able to relate to this video the most. But anyhow, sit back, relax and enjoy! =)

Monday, May 18, 2009

What to do with your empty beauty product containers?

So you've buy that gorgeous looking jar of face cream and that tube of super volumizing mascara, done using them, what do you with it? Do you just throw the empty containers in the bin? Or did you throw them into your recycling bin, together with all your empty milk cartons and drinking water bottle? Either way, it's not helping the environment at all.

Many of us think that by tossing our empty beauty product plastic containers into curb side recycling bins will help them end up being recycled. Oh no, how wrong are we. Unfortunately, normal recyclers will only accept plastic containers made from easily recognizable and widely used materials such as PET (common found in water bottles) and HDPE (widely used in manufacturing milk cartons). And just because the material that are used to make lipstick casings and powder compacts are not readily recognizable, they'll just end up being tossed away as well. =( Needless to say, throwing them away together with your daily refuse just means that these plastic containers will end up in the landfills, and will be there for probably the next 200 years.

But here's the good news, two major skincare and cosmetic company are doing their part in contributing to the environment. Instead of throwing away your empty containers, bring them back to these companies and they'll take care of them properly for you. Awesome eh?

M.A.C Cosmetics Back-to-MAC Program
Bring back 6 M.A.C primary packaging containers to any M.A.C counter/stores or online, and they'll take it back to the appropriate parties for recycling. And in return (for your kindness to the environment), you'll receive one free M.A.C lipstick of your choice (excluding the Viva Glam range).

Return to Origins Recycling Program
In an effort to create a better environment, Origins now accept empty containers from any cosmetic brand. They'll take any empty clean cosmetic tubes, skincare bottles and jars (regardless of brand or manufacturer). All collected packaging will be sent back to a central location where they will be recycled or used for energy recovery. And that's not all. To thank you for your commitment to the environment, Origins will give you a free sample of your choice from their wide range of skincare products.

Isn't it wonderful to know that you don't have to throw away empty beauty product containers anymore? I have always been a keen "participant" in the Back-to-MAC program. And now that Origins is following suit, I am sooooo excited. I've been scavenging around the house, collecting empty jars and bottles to bring back to Origins. And up till now, I think I've bring back more than 10 containers back to Origins. =D Well, not all of them are mine. Some of them are actually my mom's, which I managed to dig it out from the pile of beauty products she has. LOL.

So, do your part for mother nature and keep her beautiful too! =)

For more info on M.A.C Cosmetics' Back-to-MAC Program, click here.
For more info on
the Return to Origins Recycling Program, click here.

Review: Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base

Writing this review will either break me or make me. The Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base has a group of loyal followers and has been a long time cult favorite. So, today, I'll either be agreeing with the majority of you out there, or officially become the outcast amongst all the other beauty bloggers. =P

A clear base coat for eyelashes that improves mascara application and wear, as it boosts volume and curl. Adds dramatic definition to the eyes. Contains Multi-Nutrient Factor, an advanced moisturizer. Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. --

I bought this product after hearing and reading numerous raves about it. It promises fuller and longer lashes, which is exactly what I need. It comes is a rather "fat" looking tube and not the most attractive one. The brush itself is kind of chubby as well, which might be hard to work with if you have short lashes like mine. The product has a gel-like looking texture and is an off-white slightly gray-ish color. But fear not, this is not going to make you look like you have white lashes. =) It'll dry down to an almost transparent color. After that, just apply your regular mascara as usual.

  1. Fuller lashes. Yes. It does make your lashes look like it has more volume.
  2. Longer lased. Bingo! I do not know how it does it, but it does help create longer looking lashes.
  3. Does not flake off.
  1. It makes my lashes "crunchy". LOL. I find it funny to describe ones' lashes as "crunchy", but the sad truth is...IT IS! The mascara base dries down to a hard coat and makes my lashes hard. Ugh. And just because of that, it makes them look unnatural and makes mascara application harder.
  2. Chubby brush does not agree with me. =P
  3. Hard to remove. I have tried numerous mascara bases, and this one has to be the most stubborn one. It takes extra effort to actually remove it, which I do not have the patience for.
Overall, the product is just so-so for me. Nothing extraordinary. It definitely does not live up to its reputation as a holy grail mascara base. Would I buy it again? No.

Photo source:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review: Origins A Perfect World for Eyes

It has been a while since I last do a skincare product review. I do have a lot of them lining up, it's just a matter of me trying to find time in my already hectic schedule to actually write them up. =P So, today, I'll be introducing and reviewing a product from one of Origins' signature line: A Perfect World.

A Perfect World for Eyes Firming moisture treatment with White Tea

Origins visionary formula instantly makes skin under eyes look and feel unbelievably smooth, renewed, relaxed. Vitamin A firms and tones. Mica brightens, dark circles lighten. And nature's avant-guardian, Silver Tip White Tea, blocks oxidation while White Birch Extract helps lessen the appearance of new creases, crinkles, lines and wrinkles in the future. --

I got this as a Christmas gift last year, and have been using it since then. Yes, THAT long. It has been 5 months since I started using it (day & night), and I still have a little bit left. You only need a tiny tiny amount for each application. It has a gel-like consistency and a semi-transparent color. And the first thing you'll notice is the scent. It is divine. I love the scent. I don't know what it smells like exactly, but it's just so "natural" (if that even make sense).

So what's my verdict, after using it for 5 months??? Unfortunately, I do not like it. It does NOTHING. Nada. Zip. Zero. The only thing that it does is preventing my undereye condition to become worst. That's it. Nothing else. Sigh...

Here's more on what I feel about this product:

  1. It comes in a pump bottle. Yes, that's a pro. It might sound ridiculous to judge a product by it's packaging, but it is that important to me. I hate exposing my cream/gel products to bacterias and contaminant in the air, as this will shorten their shelf-life. A product has to be very very very good for me to forgive it for having a jar packaging.
  2. The scent is really nice. It sort of have a calming effect, which is really good when you apply it at night just before bedtime.
  3. Not greasy. I dislike greasy product. All my skincare cannot be greasy (or have a grease-like feeling to it). This eye gel actually feels really good and smooth.
  1. It does nothing at all (other than preventing my undereye area from getting worst). Hydrate? No. Firming? No. Lightens dark circles? No. Smooths out fine lines? NO!
This eye cream/gel has fail to delivery the things that most people want in an eyecare product: Hydrate, firming, smooths out fine lines and lightens dark circles. I am truly disappointed with this product. Initially, I had high hopes for it (as it comes in a pump bottle). But alas, it has put me down.

Will I buy this again? No way. I say spend your hard earned money somewhere better.

Info source: Origins

Friday, May 15, 2009

M.A.C Euristocrats II Collection (Fall 2009)

Launch date: July 2nd, 2009 (US, Canada) ; August 2009 (International)

While “a kiss on the hand can be quite continental,” a modern girl does the kissing now, knowing she has the drop-dead drama of these hot new Dazzleglass shades. In the very latest violet, coral and pink passion hues, to add the sheen, the sparkle, and the ooh-la-la that never fails to entertain. They’re the “something extra” we’ve added to the lipstick and dazzleglass collection Euristocrats can’t get enough of. More, More, More!
Lipstick (US$14.00)
  • Costa Chic: Frosty light coral
  • Naked Paris: Sheer pink brown with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Patisserie: Sheer creamy neutral pink
  • Milan Mode: Sheer deep pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • London Life: Sheer deep berry with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Saint Germain: Clean pastel pink
  • Cockney: Sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl

Dazzleglass (US$18.00)

  • Date Night: Soft blue purple with pearl
  • Euro Beat: Peach coral with gold pearl
  • Internationalist: Yellow pink with blue pearl
  • Local Colour: Neutral yellow pink with gold pearl
  • Roman Holiday: Medium brown coral with pink pearl
  • Rue d’Rouge: Light red with pink pearl
  • Via Veneto: Light violet with blue pearl

Lip Pencil (US$13.00) (Permanent)

  • Magenta: Vivid pinkish-purple
  • Cherry: Vivid bright bluish-red
  • Subculture: Underground pink
  • Whirl: Dirty rose

Photo and info source:

M.A.C Baby Bloom Collection

Launch Date:
July 30th, 2009 (US, Canada) ; August 2009 (International)

BECOME A FORCE OF NATURE… Introducing Baby Bloom, the newest and simplest way to combat hot and cold extremes, air-conditioning and outrageous heat, with our next generation collection of Studio Moisture Tint treatments…makes the sunny side of the street the place to meet! Five neutral skin-tone shades, all SPF 15, to drench skin in healing emollients, give it glow, rescue it from future damage. And fresh new Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm in five sheer colour shades, from Pink Tinge to Moist Plum, are the big news we’ve been tight-lipped about…until now!

Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 ($29.50 U.S. / $38.00 CDN)
  • Light: Soft pale beige
  • Medium: Warm beige
  • Medium Dark: Caramel beige
  • Dark: Deep caramel
  • Deep Dark: Rich golden bronze

Suntints SPF20 Liquid Lip Balm ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Just A Smidge: Soft, pastel yellow with multi-coloured pearl
  • Lilt of Lily: Soft, creamy pale pink
  • Pink Tinge: Clean bright yellow-pink with gold pearl
  • Full of Grace: Soft, sheer rose
  • Moist Plum: Light lilac with very fine pearl

Photo and info source:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Foundation Questions...

Foundation Questions! Not for's actually for you all. ;) Yup, I am now seeking help from all my wonderful readers.

To be honest, I'm no foundation guru. I actually suck at it. I don't even wear proper foundation to start with. Yeah, with all my posts about makeup, you would think that applying foundation is like second nature to me. Oh no no. I suck. Period. =P

I am now test-running a new foundation from a particular brand (which I shall reveal in due time ;) ), which brings me to ponder about various foundation questions. This foundation that I'm testing, is a liquid foundation. Yes, LIQUID. If you can recall, me mentioning a very long time ago, I don't get along with liquid foundation. So, it's horrifying for me to try and take the leap. But anyhow, I took the leap, and is now still in the testing phase.

So, back to the topic, QUESTIONS! Yes, for you.

What is your favorite/HG foundation? It can be liquid, creme, powder etc.
With reference to your favorite/HG foundation, how do you apply it? Or which method do you find most effective?

Looking forward to your answers! =)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Silverthorn Compared to Other Silver or Grays

Some of you have been asking me or wondering about how does Silverthorn compare to other silvers or grays from MAC. So, here's a photo comparing the oh-so-pretty Silverthorn to other grays that I have. Hope this will be able to help some of you. =)

Have a great start to the new week! =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Review: M.A.C A Rose Romance Collection

Here's a mini review of the stuff I got from the collection, and what I think of some of the other stuff that I didn't end up getting. =)

First off, here are some photo of the stuff that I got:

The swatches above are done without a base and with no flash.

Overall, this collection has a very romantic girly theme to it. Most of the products are pinks, rose and purples. If you like soft shades, then this would be THE collection for you.

For more in-depth review of Mutiny and Circa Plum pigments, see here.

Mutiny: Love love love this pigment. Read here for more in-depth review.
Silverthorn: I am most excited about this. I love gray e/s and pigments, so when I know that this will be a Veluxe Pearl, I was sold. It's a mid-tone gray-silver with slight blue sheen to it. I can't seem to capture the blue sheen in photo, but it's definitely there. In the pot, it looks straight up gray. But when swatched, it is truly gorgeous. To me, it is very unique, unlike previous silver or gray from MAC. The texture is very smooth too (like any other Veluxe Pearl).
Creme de Violet: This is actually a permenant color. It's a pinkish-violet with flecks of pink and gold shimmers. It'll go really nice with Beautiful Iris e/s. It is a frost, so be prepare for some frost action. ;) The texture is very smooth, not chalky at all. But if you're not a fan of shimmers, then you should probably skip this.

And here are my thoughts on some of the other stuff that I didn't get:


  • Of Summer: This is a light mauve color with a bit of frost to it. It's pretty pale and slightly chalky. It's a Satin, by the way. I like the color, but the texture and payoff makes me avoid it.
  • Et Tu, Bouquet?: Frosty pale gold with slight pink sheen to it. This one, is really frosty and pale. It's kind of bleh to me, nothinig special. It's like any other highlight color to me.
  • Shadowy Lady: A very dark matte plum. I can't see myself reaching for it that much, that's why I skipped it. But if you like plums, this is very pretty.

Just A Pinch Gel Blush

  • Just A Pinch: In the pot, it looks bright red. But when applied, it's actually a sheer pinkish red tint. The color itself is okay, but nothing totally special. Plus I'm not fond of cream or gel blush, so I skipped. If you like gel or cream blushes, go check it out.

Beauty Powder

  • Blush of Youth: A pale pink with gold pearls. Pretty, but not special. I don't use beauty powder myself, so I skipped.
  • Summer Rose: Now this one, is pretty. I love the soft violet pink color. If you're pale or fair like me (NC20), it'll definitely show up as a blush (layered on). I really like this, but I just can't justify a buy since I don't use beauty powders at all.

Nail Lacquer

  • Love & Friendship: Creamy dirty mid-tone mauvey lavender. This color is really pretty. No kidding. Very nice color, not too over the top. Definitely wearable anytime of the year. I really like the color, but I'm not a fan of M.A.C's nail polishes due to quality reasons.
Creations Hue: Dejarose: I do not like this at all. It's like too old-lady-ish to me. It has a very strong scent to it (I don't know quite how to describe it). Definitely go in store to try it out before making a purchase.

Fix+ Rose: Now, this one I likey. =) I am a big fan of the regular Fix+. The rose scent in this is very soft and soothing. If you like the regular Fix+ and love rose scented thingy, then definitely check this out. The rose smell is not strong at all, it's just a slight hint of it. But you can definitely smell it. And it has the benefit of the regular Fix+ too. =)

Did you get anything from the collection? Fell in love with anything?

Haul: M.A.C A Rose Romance Collection

Hey ya'all. Finally! A Rose Romance has arrived to this part of the world. I have been waiting for ages to get my hands on these stuff. Mainly the pigment and eyeshadow. The displayer and testers are actually out on display last weekend, but they haven't receive the actual stock yet (don't you just hate it when they do that). So, I sort of got to play with the stuff last weekend, and think over for a week before making the purchase (this is good, as it'll avoid any implusive buys). =)

Here's a photo of my purchase:

Missing here is Circa Plum pigment, which I got from Color Forms last year.

I actually got Creme de Violet eyeshadow for free. =) The department store was actually doing a promotion, where they give out store cash vouchers for certain products you buy and if you purchase other stuff over certain amount. So, I managed to collect enough vouchers (over the past month) to exchange for a free e/s. Yay! Was really pleased with that. =)

Stay tuned for the review!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and most of us are probably still wondering what to get that special woman in our life. It can be your mum, Grandma, aunt, or even the nice lady who lives next door. Every woman that has played a role in our life deserves a good gift (or just a hug) on Mother's day. I'm sure that'll make them feel really special. =)

Anyways, back to the main topic of this post. I've been surfing around the web and strolling by beauty counters looking at what would be a nice Mother's day gift. Most of the items I'm going to mention will be beauty and skincare related (this is a beauty blog afterall right?). This doesn't mean that you have to get them beauty products. It could be anything that you know they'll like. In the end, it's the thought that counts. =) But please don't get them something that you know they would never ever use or appreciate, that will eventually be stashed away at the back of her closet and will never be used.

Fragrances are usually a bit hit during Mother's day. Beauty companies will start having various promotions and special editions during this time of the year. If that special woman in your life adores fragrances, she might just like these.

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom
The latest addition to DKNY's Be Delicious range. It combines the scent of Rose and Jasmine to the original Be Delicious, giving it a very fresh and feminine scent. It's not overly sweet, and definitely not overpowering at all. It's suitable for daytime where you want a fresh floral scent with a hint of apple and grapefruit.

Flora by Gucci
Another new perfume. This time it's by Gucci. The bottle itself is enough reason to make a purchase The classy looking hexagonal bottle is a collector's must. The scent is very light: Sweet and floral-ish. There's a feminine and elegant characteristic to it. To me, the Peony and Rose really gives it a feminine touch.

For those who like makeup, these two are my top picks.

Estee Lauder Vivid Garden Illuminating Powder
First off, the embossed pattern. Isn't that just lovely. Doesn't it make you want to open it up everyday just to look at it. LOL. This would your skin a natural glow, without emphasizing pores and fine lines. Blend all the colors together and lightly sweep it on the forehead, cheekbones and tip of your nose. Or apply the pink shade on the apples of your cheeks to use it as a blush. The other cool thing is, you can even use the colors separately as eyeshadows. =) That's one multi-purpose product right there.

O.P.I Fairytale Bride Collection
O.P.I's latest collection introduced four new soft shades: I Pink I Love You, Otherwise Engaged, Isn't It Romantic and At First Sight. All four shades are very wearable. Doesn't matter if you're 20, 40 or even 60, all of them will look super elegant and feminine. Perfect for any occasion. My favorite? Isn't It Romantic. It's a very very soft mauv-ish pink. It's so girly, yet doesn't scream hot-pink. Super pretty.

For those who loves to take good care of their skin.

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Lifting Concentrate
This intensive treatment will help fight the main signs of aging. It is an age defense treatment that claims to significantly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and lines while bringing a noticeable lift to firmness to the look of your skin. In addition to that, the smell is absolutely divine. My mum loves loves loves the smell. I don't really know how to describe the smell, it's just really nice. The scent is very soothing and calming. This would be the perfect gift if you mum, aunt or grandma is starting to complain about wrinkles or worried about developing those "wise lines". =) You know what they say: Prevention is better than cure. ;)


Now, this is a special one (and totally random). I've just recently discovered this, and I am totally in love with it. If your mum likes to cook, this is the perfect kitchen helper. =)

Kenwood Multi Snacker
This is so good and convenient, it's unbelievable. It comes with three pairs of non-stick inter-changeable plates: grill, sandwich maker and waffle maker. I managed to use all three of them in one day. Waffle for breakfast (yum!), ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and grilled marinated chicken for dinner. It's great for people who wants something that's easy to clean and, make good and healthy food (cause you don't need much oil). And it really doesn't cut food preparation time. Awesome! The plates are easy to remove and cleaning is a breeze. Just let it cool down, remove the plates, and wash it using tepid water with a mild detergent.

Hope this will be able to help some of you choose the perfect gift for Mother's Day.
Let me know what you got! =)

Photo sources: Sephora, Shiseido, Estee Lauder

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Review: Silk Naturals Mineral Eye Shadows

As per my mineral haul post, I have ordered two eye shadows from Silk Naturals and Karen was nice enough to include a sample of another eye shadow. So, today, I'll be doing a review of all three of them.

Here are some photos of the product:

And here are some comparison swatches of the three eyeshadows with my M.A.C ones:

Firstly, all the eyeshadows are very finely milled. This means, there are minimal fall out, if you're using the right brush and base. And no chunky annoying glitters as well. =) All Silk Naturals' eyeshadows are talc-free, bismuth-free , and contains silk powder, which help giving it a very smooth texture and even application. Full size eyeshadows come in 5-gram sifter jars. You'll get around 2 grams of product, which will last you forever. LOL. Maybe not forever, but for quite a while.

All three eyeshadows that I've tried applied wonderfullly. Very very smooth application, with very minimal fallout. Now, I think it's only fair for me to review all three of them separately, as I have mixed feelings amongst these three.

Disco: This eyeshadow is suppose to be a dupe for M.A.C Revved-up pigment. I don't have Revved-up, so I'm not too sure how close it is to its dupe. It's a shimmery pinkish red with small flecks of golds. The color looks really well pigmented and pretty in the pot, but when it was applied on my lid, I was a bit dissapointed. Maybe I'm expecting too much from it, but it looks less pigmented on the lid. This is coming from a girl who's used to M.A.C's crazily pigmented pigments and eyeshadows. So, maybe I'm setting the bar way too high. Colorwise, it looks something between Apricot Pink and Rose pigments.

Silver Lining: This is a muted sliverish grey. Same goes for this. Nice texture, but dissapointing pay-off. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm just not made for mineral eyeshadows. When I ordered this, I was expecting something like M.A.C's Sliver Fog pigment (I LOVE Silver Fog). But when I tried this on, the color was not exciting at all. Just plain grey with some hints of sliver shimmer in it. It's pretty if you're looking for just a wash of color on the lid. But if you're looking for something more intense, then this is definitely not for you.

Boom: Boom is the sample that I got from Karen. This is said to be Shroom's dupe, and I have to agree with them. In fact, this is definitely a better dupe. It has way better color payoff than Shroom, and is everything that I have wished Shroom would be. If you love Shroom's color, but hated the payoff, then you should get yourself some Boom. Colorwise, it's something in between Femme-fi and Shroom, but more towards Shroom. I tried this after Disco and Silver Lining, and I was pleasantly suprised at the payoff and color. This is definitely my favorite out of the bunch.

Overall, the texture of the eyeshadows are very nice, but I was a bit dissapointed with the colors (except for Boom). Maybe I ordered the wrong colors. Or maybe I was expecting too much. Anyone tried their other eyeshadows before? Any good color recommendations for color junkies like me? =P

Anyways, hope all of you are having a great weekend! =)