Friday, May 29, 2009

Positive Lifestyle

I came across this page on Bobbi Brown's website and I got one of those "Aha!" moment. =D

I can't agree more with Bobbi on her philosophy in life. And dare I say, it's more or less what I have been trying to keep to all these while. Since 6 years ago, I resolute in changing the way I live my life. Of course it's not a one day change. I made tiny changes to my everyday life, and it took me probably around 3 years to successfully embed these positive thinking in my head. LOL. And now, it's just second nature to me.

Here's a list of things I do towards a positively lifestyle:
  1. Always be on time - Don't you hate it when your mates make you wait half an hour outside the cinema? Or when that business client is 45 minutes late, and hence cause you to miss the next appointment after that? I'm pretty sure all of us has gone through that. Not only that it's rude to make people wait, but you're disrupting other people's schedule. Always try to be on time or even early for an appointment. I'm sure everyone appreciates that. And you know what, since 6 years ago, I've always had my watch dialed up 5 minutes earlier than the standard radio time.
  2. Look people in the eye - I think a lot of people find it difficult to do that, cause they find it distracting or somehow intruding. Personally, I think it's only polite to do so. If your eyes are like darting here and there, looking at everything but the person you're talking to, it'll look really rude. When I say look people in the eye, I don't mean stare. Haha. Yes, staring would be rude too. If you're talking to somebody or when someone's talking to you, it's only nice to give that person your fullest attention and look at that person in the eye. Be confident, and look everyone in the eye. There should be no fear no matter who you're facing. =)
  3. Don't smoke - This is like the number one NO NO for me. I have never smoked (no, not even a puff) and I don't plan to ever do so. I think it's very unattractive and most of all, it's very harmful to your body. Not only that, you're face would never look its best as there are all these toxins. And no matter how much makeup you pile on your face, you'll never look as healthy and glow-y as you might have without smoking.
  4. Drink lots of water - Ooo... this is an interesting one. I used to hate drinking plain water. Seriously. I would just conveniently "forget" to drink water. Haha. Then I'll have all these complications: constipation, dry skin, sore throat all the time etc. One fine day maybe 5 years ago, I just got sick of having sore throat and falling sick so frequently, that I told myself I'll drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Oh man, it was so hard at first. But day by day, milliliter by milliliter, I start to increase the amount of water I drink. And now, I can confidently say that I drink at least 2 liters of water a day for at least 28 days out of 30 days. LOL. And you know what, water is actually really good for us. So, drink up! =)
  5. Eat healthy - I love fried food and junk food. Seriously. And I still do. But! I control my intake of "unhealthy" food. When I used to eat a lot of them, my energy level was really really low, and I feel sluggish all the time. But now that I only take them at a very minimum level, my energy level is wayyyy better and I feel much much better mentally and physically.
  6. Exercise - I have gone from no exercise at all to full-on hit-the-gym-3-times-a-week to gym-once-every-2-week. And I can honestly tell you, doing exercise makes such a big different in terms of your energy level and health wise. When I used to hit the gym at least 3 times a week (the BF says I'm nuts), I am much fitter, have higher energy level, fall sick less and feel much much better about myself. And since I started working one year ago, it is so hard for me to find time to go to the gym and have a good workout. So now, I only go to the gym like once every 2 weeks. I know, that's wayyy too few and it sucks. I love going to the gym. But working really sucks up all my time and energy. Sigh...
  7. Be nice - Do I need to say more about this? =)
  8. Think positively - I know this is really hard to do, especially when times are bad. But I feel that it is really important for one to always think on the positive side of everything. This is particularly important during bad times, as this will give some one hope that this bad situation will pass and good things will come.
  9. Never give up - This is probably the most important one out of all of them. Everything I said above depends on this. Without this, one can never go far in whatever they are trying to achieve.
I hope this will be able to inspire somebody out there. But remember, we're only human. Slip-ups are bound to happen. If you're trying to achieve something (like drinking more water) and slipped one or two days, that's totally fine. As long as you pick up again the next day (gradually, of course). Remember, never give up!

What's your positive lifestyle philosophy?

Reference: Bobbi Brown: Her Story


Anonymous said...

They really are great life philosophies! Especially the 'Be Nice' one - I think more people need to try this one out haha
I always try to be appreciative of the blessings in my life, simple things like having my family around, appreciating my BF so all his quirks, appreciating that I have a job even though I don't want to get out of bed some mornings. :)

Caramel Geek said...

Hi Stefanie.

LOL. I have to agree on the not feeling like getting out of bed in the mornings. Haha. Sounds like me! =P

em said...

this was a really refreshing read. sometimes it really is as simple as your life reflects the attitude you display, os be positive!

Caramel Geek said...


Glad that you enjoyed it. =) Hope you've found your liner already.

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