Saturday, May 9, 2009

Review: M.A.C A Rose Romance Collection

Here's a mini review of the stuff I got from the collection, and what I think of some of the other stuff that I didn't end up getting. =)

First off, here are some photo of the stuff that I got:

The swatches above are done without a base and with no flash.

Overall, this collection has a very romantic girly theme to it. Most of the products are pinks, rose and purples. If you like soft shades, then this would be THE collection for you.

For more in-depth review of Mutiny and Circa Plum pigments, see here.

Mutiny: Love love love this pigment. Read here for more in-depth review.
Silverthorn: I am most excited about this. I love gray e/s and pigments, so when I know that this will be a Veluxe Pearl, I was sold. It's a mid-tone gray-silver with slight blue sheen to it. I can't seem to capture the blue sheen in photo, but it's definitely there. In the pot, it looks straight up gray. But when swatched, it is truly gorgeous. To me, it is very unique, unlike previous silver or gray from MAC. The texture is very smooth too (like any other Veluxe Pearl).
Creme de Violet: This is actually a permenant color. It's a pinkish-violet with flecks of pink and gold shimmers. It'll go really nice with Beautiful Iris e/s. It is a frost, so be prepare for some frost action. ;) The texture is very smooth, not chalky at all. But if you're not a fan of shimmers, then you should probably skip this.

And here are my thoughts on some of the other stuff that I didn't get:


  • Of Summer: This is a light mauve color with a bit of frost to it. It's pretty pale and slightly chalky. It's a Satin, by the way. I like the color, but the texture and payoff makes me avoid it.
  • Et Tu, Bouquet?: Frosty pale gold with slight pink sheen to it. This one, is really frosty and pale. It's kind of bleh to me, nothinig special. It's like any other highlight color to me.
  • Shadowy Lady: A very dark matte plum. I can't see myself reaching for it that much, that's why I skipped it. But if you like plums, this is very pretty.

Just A Pinch Gel Blush

  • Just A Pinch: In the pot, it looks bright red. But when applied, it's actually a sheer pinkish red tint. The color itself is okay, but nothing totally special. Plus I'm not fond of cream or gel blush, so I skipped. If you like gel or cream blushes, go check it out.

Beauty Powder

  • Blush of Youth: A pale pink with gold pearls. Pretty, but not special. I don't use beauty powder myself, so I skipped.
  • Summer Rose: Now this one, is pretty. I love the soft violet pink color. If you're pale or fair like me (NC20), it'll definitely show up as a blush (layered on). I really like this, but I just can't justify a buy since I don't use beauty powders at all.

Nail Lacquer

  • Love & Friendship: Creamy dirty mid-tone mauvey lavender. This color is really pretty. No kidding. Very nice color, not too over the top. Definitely wearable anytime of the year. I really like the color, but I'm not a fan of M.A.C's nail polishes due to quality reasons.
Creations Hue: Dejarose: I do not like this at all. It's like too old-lady-ish to me. It has a very strong scent to it (I don't know quite how to describe it). Definitely go in store to try it out before making a purchase.

Fix+ Rose: Now, this one I likey. =) I am a big fan of the regular Fix+. The rose scent in this is very soft and soothing. If you like the regular Fix+ and love rose scented thingy, then definitely check this out. The rose smell is not strong at all, it's just a slight hint of it. But you can definitely smell it. And it has the benefit of the regular Fix+ too. =)

Did you get anything from the collection? Fell in love with anything?


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