Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review: Origins A Perfect World for Eyes

It has been a while since I last do a skincare product review. I do have a lot of them lining up, it's just a matter of me trying to find time in my already hectic schedule to actually write them up. =P So, today, I'll be introducing and reviewing a product from one of Origins' signature line: A Perfect World.

A Perfect World for Eyes Firming moisture treatment with White Tea

Origins visionary formula instantly makes skin under eyes look and feel unbelievably smooth, renewed, relaxed. Vitamin A firms and tones. Mica brightens, dark circles lighten. And nature's avant-guardian, Silver Tip White Tea, blocks oxidation while White Birch Extract helps lessen the appearance of new creases, crinkles, lines and wrinkles in the future. --

I got this as a Christmas gift last year, and have been using it since then. Yes, THAT long. It has been 5 months since I started using it (day & night), and I still have a little bit left. You only need a tiny tiny amount for each application. It has a gel-like consistency and a semi-transparent color. And the first thing you'll notice is the scent. It is divine. I love the scent. I don't know what it smells like exactly, but it's just so "natural" (if that even make sense).

So what's my verdict, after using it for 5 months??? Unfortunately, I do not like it. It does NOTHING. Nada. Zip. Zero. The only thing that it does is preventing my undereye condition to become worst. That's it. Nothing else. Sigh...

Here's more on what I feel about this product:

  1. It comes in a pump bottle. Yes, that's a pro. It might sound ridiculous to judge a product by it's packaging, but it is that important to me. I hate exposing my cream/gel products to bacterias and contaminant in the air, as this will shorten their shelf-life. A product has to be very very very good for me to forgive it for having a jar packaging.
  2. The scent is really nice. It sort of have a calming effect, which is really good when you apply it at night just before bedtime.
  3. Not greasy. I dislike greasy product. All my skincare cannot be greasy (or have a grease-like feeling to it). This eye gel actually feels really good and smooth.
  1. It does nothing at all (other than preventing my undereye area from getting worst). Hydrate? No. Firming? No. Lightens dark circles? No. Smooths out fine lines? NO!
This eye cream/gel has fail to delivery the things that most people want in an eyecare product: Hydrate, firming, smooths out fine lines and lightens dark circles. I am truly disappointed with this product. Initially, I had high hopes for it (as it comes in a pump bottle). But alas, it has put me down.

Will I buy this again? No way. I say spend your hard earned money somewhere better.

Info source: Origins


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