Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil Liners Swatches

Here are the swatches that I've promised. Click here to read my review on these fabulous eyeliners.

Photo taken indoors, beside the window with natural lights and with flash. NC20-25 skin.

Of all the liners here, only Zero and Rockstar does not have any glitters in them. All of them apply really smoothly and are waterproof.

My favorites are Zero, Stash, Deviant and Covet.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil Liners

Have you ever discover a product that you just can't get enough of? Well, for me it's the Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Pencil Liners.

Here's a photo of my humble "collection":

Created with 50% moisturizing ingredients suspended in a sophisticated waterproof formula, 24/7 Eye Pencils offer long-lasting color and a dreamy, creamy feel when applied. With Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Cottonseed Oil, these pencils condition skin and stay with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! -- urbandecay.com

Here's what I think about these babies:

  1. Super creamy. This means no tugging on the skin. Smooth clean application. Love it!
  2. Waterproof. Now, when you read that it's creamy, you wouldn't think that it's waterproof eh? Surprise! It is! =)
  3. No fading. No smudging. No runny liners. *heaven*
  4. While it's smudge-resistant and waterproof, it's surprisingly easy to remove. Just use a cotton ball or Q-tip and soak it with eye makeup remover (I use M.A.C's Pro Eye Makeup Remover).
  5. Comes in 19 different shades.
  6. Contains moisturizing ingredients to condition the skin. (Or maybe just like 10% of your lids. LOL.)
  1. Some of the shades has micro glitters in them. So some people with sensitive eyes might be irritated by it if it's used for tightlining or waterlining. (I haven't experience any discomfort though. And I wear contacts)
All in all, hands down the best pencil liner I've ever used. If you're on the hunt for a good pencil eyeliner, why not give this a try. I highly recommend Zero (black) and Stash (dark olive green).

Stay tune for swatches! =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Reasons to Love the Japanese Nightingale

Ever thought about how Japanese get their smooth, flawless porcelain skin? *drum roll*...Nightingale poop. Yes, you hear me right. Bird crap. =D

This specific nightingale we're talking about is a popular Japanese nightingale called "Uguisu no Fun" in Japanese. It has a distinctive call that attracts a lot hikers to the forest and mountains in Japan. Apparently, the bird is not only appreciated for its voice, the Japanese has found another good use of the bird. Erm, the bird's poop to be exact. The Japanese nightingale's poop contains Guanine, which is a naturally occurring enzyme. It has a bleaching and exfoliating effect to the skin. To be exact, this is not a new "invention". It has been long used by Kabuki actors and high-ranking geisha girls to remove their heavy makeup. This has also helped to keep their skin smooth and supple all the time.

So, what if you're interested (and brave enough) to try this "beauty treatment"? Do you have to go and take a walk in the forests of Japan? No, you don't. You can now purchase these precious droppings in powdered form. And bewarned, it does come with a high price tag.

Are you interested now? =) To be honest, I'll just stick with my usual makeup remove and trusty facial cleanser for now. LOL.

Source: Chidoriyaworld , Smarter

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shu Uemura Tokyo Kamon Girls Collection

Shu Uemura has teamed up with the famous manga artist, Moyoco Anno, and come with the Tokyo Kamon Girls collection. This collection consists of their most raved about cleansing oil in special packaging, a mini brush set and a traincase. And let me tell you, they are super super cute! =D

Both the brush set and traincase has a white and gold color theme, while each of the cleansing oil has their own unique manga character and specially designed bottles.

KATSURA (purple bottle)
White Recovery EX+ Brightening Cleansing Oil

TAMAKI (orange bottle)
High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil

MATSUNO (green bottle)
Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O

SAKURAKO (pink bottle)
High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Fresh

TSURUHA (golden bottle)
High Performance Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula

I used to think that Shu's cleansing oil are overpriced, but the bottles are so cute that I don't think I can resist. =P Plus, I just ran out of my staple cleansing oil from Clinique. And you might not realize, I'm a huge anime fan too. Sigh...looks like it's gonna be another splurge this time. One thing's for sure, I'll definitely be keeping the bottle and keep reusing it by re-filling it when I'm done with the product. I'm liking the bottle of Sakurako (
High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Fresh), but I think the High Performance Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula would be more suitable for my combination skin (oily nose). What do you think? Go for the cute bottle, or stick with the formula that would be more suitable for me? Or do you think I can get by with the High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Fresh formula?

Check out more photos:

These are scheduled to be released in June/July 2009.
Are you drooling already? ;)

Source: Shen's Addiction, LifestyleAsia

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eyeshadow: Bright Future

One the products that I've been most excited about in the Style Warriors collection is Bright Future eyeshadow. So, I've made a couple of comparison of it with other yellow/golds that I have in my stash.

Click here to read my review on Bright Future.

And here are some photos:

Indoors, by the window with natural light, no flash.

Indoors, by the window, natural light, no flash, NC20-25

Indoor lighting, no flash, applied dry, NC20-25

As you can see, Bright Future is way more yellow than Gorgeous Gold and Golden Lemon. Golden Lemon has more glitter in it than Bright Future. If Golden Lemon is foiled, it'll be more intense, more "metalic", but it still would not be as yellow as Bright Future. Bright Future has a really nice sheen, so does Gorgeous Gold.

Hope all of you are having a great weekend! =)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Review: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light

A water-based, lightweight foundation primer.
Perfect for oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin, this oil-free, 60% water based primer refreshes on contact while oil absorbers provide a smooth, matte finish all day. Light diffusers minimize the appearance of imperfections while vitamin C and peptides help even skin tone and promote collagen production for a flawless future. -- sephora.com

Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer is the most talked about primer out there. When someone mentions foundation primer, the first thing that would come to anyone's mind is Smashbox. And all those raves are indeed not baseless. My review today will be on the Light version.

The Smashbox Photo Finish Light foundation primer is a water-based, paraben-free silicone primer. It provides a smooth and even surface for your foundation, making application as easy as pie. =) I don't have much to say about this primer other than, I freaking love it. I'm almost done with my current bottle, and I already asked my sister to bring back a new one from the US. Hehe. That's how much I love it.

Here's some of my thoughts about this amazing product:

  1. It comes in a transparent, plastic, airless pump bottle. Which means, you'll get to see how much that's left, light enough for travelling, would not break if you dropped it, and you'll get every last bit of the product out from the bottle due to the airless pump design.
  2. Really makes your face feels smooth and even out any uneven areas. This makes your foundation looks flawless.
  3. Not bad at controlling oiliness. I have oily nose, and it's not bad at tackling it. It would not totally eliminate the oil, but it'll be able to control it. I'd still need to blot my nose area after about 5-6 hours, but I think that's good enough.
  4. Doesn't smell funny, at all.
  5. Doesn't break me out and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.
  6. Makes foundation last longer.
  7. Doesn't have any glitters or light reflective particles. This might be a downside to some, but I actually prefer my primer to be non reflective. It gives me the flexibility of whether I want to have a dewy or a totally matte look. I can always apply a finish powder with fine glitters to get the dewy look.
  1. USD$36 might be a bit too expensive for some. But I think it's worth it.
All in all, I highly recommend this primer. I haven't try the original one yet, but I'm hoping that it'll be just as good. If you have oily or combination skin, then I'd recommend this one. Remember to always moisturize first (and let it set) before applying the primer.

Info source: Sephora.com

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Book: Twilight

I'm having a crush on Edward Cullen. LOL. (Don't tell the BF that. =P) Erm...oh wait...I think the BF already knew, with my constant Edward-this and Edward-that. Hehe. Yup, my current hype is Twilight. I mean the book, not the movie. I actually read the book first, then only watched the movie. And to be honest, the book is like 100 times better. Way better. But don't get me wrong, I still think Robert Pattinson is the best candidate to play Edward. Can't get any better. I can still remember him as Cedric Diggory, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I approve. =)

I'm not too sure what about the book that draws me so much. It could be Edward (most probably is), or maybe vampires (I used to read a lot of R. L. Stine's Goosebumps, Fear Street etc. when I was younger), or the forbidden love between Edward and Bella. Which ever it is, I'm hooked.

I finished the book in one weekend. That's 2 days, including watching Monsters vs Aliens with the BF, going to dinner with the BF's family, going out with a bunch of friends, shopping for MAC and Bobbi Brown and spending hours in the bookstore. Am I productive or what? =D Now I'm on the second book. But with 12 hours of work a day, and feeling exhausted after work, I can't really read much. Looking forward to the coming weekend! =)

If you're looking for a good book or just to kill some time, go get Twilight. I don't think it's so much of a manly man's book, but hey, I'm sure a guy can enjoy some vampire love too eh?

Have you read it? Love it? Hate it?

Photo source: Amazon.com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blush: On A Mission Comparison

There has been a lot of questions regarding how close is On A Mission beauty powder blush to other MAC blushes.

See here for my review on On A Mission.

Here's a photo comparing On A Mission, Stark Naked (Holiday 2008) and True Romantic (LE). All of them are beauty powder blushes. Photo taken with indoor lighting, NC20-25, no flash.

As you can see, On A Mission has more plum than the other two. Stark Naked is more pink, with glitters. There are no glitters in both On A Mission and True Romantic. All of them has then same smooth texture of a beauty powder blush and are very pigmented.

Hope this helps! =)

Tag! (Again)

LOL! I love tags! =P I've been tagged by the lovely em at Too Much Blush. Lots of hugs to her.

What's your favourite make up look?
Light foundation or just powder, the classic black eyeliner look with neutral eyeshadows to contour the eyes, lots of mascara and a simple mauvey blush. Perfect!

Do you have a beauty vice?
Too many eyeshadows and pigments. Ugh...it's crazy.

What part of your body do you love?
The shape of my face when I smile. =D

Who is your beauty icon?
Keira Knightley. ~heart~ She always looks so gorgeous, but yet not too made up. Get what I mean? And I love her facial features.

What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy?
Mascara. Mascara. Mascara. And it has to be super black. Or else, I look like I don't have any lashes at all. Hehe.

How do you look after your skin?
I always put on some sort of sunscree, weekly scrubs and masks, and always remove makeup before going to bed. And have some no-makeup-day, so that my skin can breathe properly.

What is your signature scent?
Erm...I don't wear perfumes.

What are your haircare secrets?
Cut down on the heat. Be it hairdryer, straight irons or curlers, try not to use it so often.

How do you pamper yourself?
Some "alone time" with a good book and a cup of coffee.

What is your beauty pet peeve?
Mascara that smudges. I HATE it!

What would your desert island must haves be?
Sunscreen with at least SPF15 and lots of drinking water please. I rather be hungry than thirsty. =P

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
Wear your makeup however you like. Don't need to care what others think. Some people told me that they think people who wears makeup are shallow. I felt like slapping them when I heard that. But who cares. I wear makeup cause I love the colors and I like it, not because all the other girls are doing it.

*** And now....TAG! You're in! =P Remember to let me know in the comments where you've posted the tag. =)

Photo source: Source

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review: MAC Style Warriors Collection

Overall, this collection is prefect for summer. It's very bronzy and warm, but with an extra omph in it. I really like this collection. In fact, I like it more than last year's Neo Sci-Fi collection. I think it's because I'm not too found of bright flouroscent orange colored compacts and lipstick tubes. LOL.

Here's a photo of what I got:

Okay, by now, you might be thinking: what's that black, non-Style Warriors lipstick doing there? LOL. Long story short. I fell in love with Brave New Bronze, but the MA would not let me B2M for it. So we found a very close dupe for it from the permanent line, Cherish, and I B2M for that instead. =) I'm on a budget, so, can't afford to spend on a lipstick when I can B2M for one. =P

Anyways, here are some swatches:

And here are some of my thoughts about the products I managed to check out. Those in bold are the ones that came home with me.

  • Sunsational - Very sheer beige color with gold frosts in it. It's a bit too sheer for me.
  • Brave New Bronze - I love this. It's a nude with a pinkish tinge to it. It's the perfect nude without look dead (for a NC20).
  • Purple Rite - Very pretty medium frosty purple. Very wearable. If you like purple lip color, GET IT!
  • Tribalist - Erm...it's very dark. A dark dark red berry tone.
  • Soft Force - A creamy frosty pale gold. It's a very pale white gold tone. This one is almost identical to Femme Fi. Hence, I skipped it. If you missed out on Femme Fi, definitely get this one.
  • Tempting - Okay, this is a lustre. And you all know how I feel about lustre. But...this is suprisingly smooth for a lustre. It's not veluxe pearl standard though, but it's way better than the normal lustre. This is a goldish-coco, and super similiar to Go! (Starflash 2008). This is a permanent color, so, no need to rush.
  • Bright Future - Ooooo...this is definitely the star of the collection. It's a very yellow color. It's almost like Chrome Yellow, but with a bit of frost and it is super creamy and blendable. I totally love it.
  • Vibrant Grape - This is pretty too. It'a a bright purple. If you like purple, definitely check this out, as it's a PRO color.
  • Night Maneuvers - A deep deep blacken brown with pearls. But after you applied and blend, you can hardly see any pearls at all. It applies a bit chalky. I was dissapointed with the texture, hence, I skipped this too.
Beauty Powder Blush:
  • Eversun - A peachy bronze color. Very natural. It gives me that sun kissed cheeks, like I just came back from the beach. Very pretty. As it's a Beauty Powder Blush, the texture is super smooth and very pigmented. And it doesn't look orange on my at all.
  • On a Mission - This is pure love. It's a mid-tone plum. It looks dark in the pot, but if you apply with a light hand, it gives think really pretty flush on your cheeks. I think this would go with any skin tone. And again, it's a Beauty Powder Blush. So, super smooth application and very good color pay-off.
Bronzing Powder:
  • Solar Riche - A mid-tone orangey brown. It's a bit too orange for me.
  • Refined Golden - Soft golden brown with tiny pearls. I love this! This is my first bronzing powder and it is absolutely lovely. Not too dark, not too glittery. Perfect! (NC 20 here)
I'm really happy with what I got and would totally recommend that everyone go check out Bright Future and On A Mission.

What did you get? Like the collection?

Haul: MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Remember my review on the MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder a while ago? I didn't get the chance to get it last time around, as it was sold out here in my local counter. But when I was away (to sit for my examination), I managed to get hold of it at the MAC free standing store there. =) Yay! Totally happy. Very excited. I'm nearly done with the sample I got last time, so this couldn't have come at a better time.

Anyways, here's a photo of the lovely setting powder that I raved about:

Haul: MAC Style Warriors Collection

So, while I was away from home to take my GRE examination, I did some shopping straight after I came out from the examination center. LOL. Yes, it's my kind of way of avenging myself for those crazy nights studying till late.

I did pick up a couple of stuff from the Style Warriors Collection. Was sooooo excited when I saw the products in person. =)

Here's a sneak preview of the haul:

Stay tuned for my review. =)


I haven't been posting for the past 2 weeks and I truly miss blogging. The past few months was busy busy busy for me, as I have been preparing for an important examination (important to me): the mighty GRE. Yup. You read that right. THE GRE. Sigh... Don't even get me started on how crazy it was trying to study for it while working 12 hours a day. But now, it's all over and done with. I just finish the exam 2 days ago, and I am now back in action! =D

Look forward to more posts coming your way! ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What to check out at duty free stores?

Who likes a bargain??? I'm pretty sure everyone does. =D Now, one of the most legit way to get cheaper beauty products is through duty free stores (mostly located in international airports). You can most probably find anything they usually have at department stores: from skincare to makeup to fragrances.

One of the best deals I've found at the duty free store is mascara. Every girl needs a mascara. And I know every single one of us has this particular mascara that we also run back to. LOL. I know I have. There has been numerous incident that I tried to betray my Clinique Lash Power Curling Mascara, and ended up crawling back to it the next week. =P

So, back to the deal. At duty free stores, they always sell mascaras in a set. Not an assorted set, but the same mascara in a set of threes. Almost all the brands has it: Lancome, Dior, Clinique etc. But I don't think they have it in every single type of mascara that brand carries. I suspect it's only for those best sellers only.

Here are some photos of the one that I picked up 3 months ago at Singapore Changi airport:

When I saw this at the airport, I nearly squealed out loud. =P Let me tell you, this is a real bargain. In Malaysia, 1 of this babies cost RM 75. But this box of 3, only cost me approximately RM 171. That's like only RM 57 for each mascara!!! Jackpot! =) Now that's what I call a bargain. There is no way you can get that mascara for anything below RM 70 here.

So, if you have a mascara that you know it's your staple and you'll keep going back to it, then it's definitely worth it to grab a box (or maybe two) of this when you're at a duty free store.

ps. Just in case some of you are wondering, USD to RM exchange rate is approx. USD$1 :: RM 3.50