Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Reasons to Love the Japanese Nightingale

Ever thought about how Japanese get their smooth, flawless porcelain skin? *drum roll*...Nightingale poop. Yes, you hear me right. Bird crap. =D

This specific nightingale we're talking about is a popular Japanese nightingale called "Uguisu no Fun" in Japanese. It has a distinctive call that attracts a lot hikers to the forest and mountains in Japan. Apparently, the bird is not only appreciated for its voice, the Japanese has found another good use of the bird. Erm, the bird's poop to be exact. The Japanese nightingale's poop contains Guanine, which is a naturally occurring enzyme. It has a bleaching and exfoliating effect to the skin. To be exact, this is not a new "invention". It has been long used by Kabuki actors and high-ranking geisha girls to remove their heavy makeup. This has also helped to keep their skin smooth and supple all the time.

So, what if you're interested (and brave enough) to try this "beauty treatment"? Do you have to go and take a walk in the forests of Japan? No, you don't. You can now purchase these precious droppings in powdered form. And bewarned, it does come with a high price tag.

Are you interested now? =) To be honest, I'll just stick with my usual makeup remove and trusty facial cleanser for now. LOL.

Source: Chidoriyaworld , Smarter


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