Friday, July 24, 2009

Best of M.A.C Collections 2009 ... so far

It is nearly end of July now, and it's about time we think back to the various M.A.C collections that has either break us, or make us, or everything else in between.

Remember, this is for collections from January 2009 up till June 2009.

Best Overall Collection
Brunette Blonde Redhead -- OMG. I freaking love this collection. It's definitely my favorite collection since March 2008 (that's when I started to get into makeup).

Best Eyeshadows
Silverthorn from A Rose Romance

Best Eyeliner
Hmm...can't find any.

Best Lipstick
CremeTeam -- It has to be this collection. No lipstick can beat a Cremesheen.

Best Lipglass
Fierce & Fabulous (Style Warriors) -- absolutely fierce.

Best Blush
Style Warriors -- I love both Eversun and On A Mission. And please don't make me pick only one. =P

Best MSFs
Brunette Blonde Redhead -- Blonde and Redhead MSFs are THE bomb. If I can only have 2 MSF in my whole lifetime, it'll be these 2. No doubts.

Best Non-Color Product
Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder -- heart.

Best Bronzer/Beauty Powder
Refined Golden from Style Warriors -- It's the best bronzer I've ever used.

Best Brush
226 from Brunette Blonde Redhead -- This brush has saved me so much trouble from over-blending or under-blending my eyeshadows. Life saver.

That basically sums up my favorites from the first half of 2009. What are yours? =)


Mellerson said...

Ooh, this sounds like fun, here are mine:

Best Overall Collection: I think Color Craft really did me in between the 131, MSFs, Blushes, and lipglasses!

Best Eyeshadows: I picked up Vibrant Grape and liked it in the creases. I originally liked Silverthorn more, but I find it doesn't show up as pretty as it does in pan.

Best Eyeliner: The only one I picked up this year so far was Penultimate, but I hated it.

Best Lipstick: It's a toss-up between Lavender Whip and Purple Rite, on my pigmented lips these purple lippes actually show up nice and pink.

Best Lipglass: Eclectic Edge! Stupid gloss-delivery mechanism be damned, the color is very pretty!

Best Blush: Love Rock from Grand Duos lets me control how much pink or purple ends up on my face, so this one I reach for the most.

Best MSFs: Surprisingly, Smooth Merge worked really well for me, but the BBR ones I agree have better textures!

Best Non-Color Product: Didn't get anything from this category this year.

Best Bronzer/Beauty Powder: Even though it's an MSF, Cheeky Bronze works as bronzer for me.

Best Brush: This was definitely the #165 for me, it's become my HG highlighting brush, it's just narrow enough to hit my cheekbones perfectly.

Caramel Geek said...


To make Silverthorn show up more, use Cakeshop shadestick as a base. =D Works like a charm. ;)

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