Friday, July 3, 2009

Easy Pee-sy Foot Spa

Fancy a quick D.I.Y. foot treatment at home? Why not try the new Japanese innovation: the Foot Pee! Pack. And I can guarantee you, using it will be easy as a pee pea. =P

It promises continuous moisturization, while being 'easy & surprise'. LOL. Sorry for the bad pun. But pun aside, I love japanese stuff. (Serious! Ask the BF.) It comes with 2 foot-shaped plastic baggies filled with suspicious looking yellow-tinted lotion. *fishy* All you gotta do is cut through the dotted lines at the top, slip your foot into one each, sit back and relax (try not to think about the name of the product).

Okay, as much as I like all things japanese, I'm a bit hesistant to slip my feet into these. =P

What do you think? Are you up for it? ;)

Source: Tokyo Times


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