Saturday, July 11, 2009

M.A.C In Mode Workshop

As I've mentioned here last week, M.A.C is having a 3-hour workshop here in Penang, Malaysia. And to live up to my name as a M.A.C addict, I just have to sign up. =P LOL. I called my favorite MA at my local counter and she gladly reserved a place for me. =)

So I went to the store last night, to pick up the "ticket" and to pay for it (obviously). And here are some photo of the so-called-ticket.



Apparently, the workshop is called M.A.C In Mode. I have no idea about that until last night. Personally, I quite like the design of the card. With the black and the pink going on. =D

If any of my Malaysia reader is going, please do let me know. It'll be great to meet up. =)

Till next time, have a great weekend everyone!


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