Monday, July 13, 2009

O.P.I South Beach Nail Polish

Months ago, I rambled about O.P.I's super hot South Beach collection, and has been drooling all over them ever since. =P And since O.P.I polishes are sooooo overpriced here, it took me a while to save up some moolah and to finally purchase them.

As I mentioned back then, I'm super excited about Done Out In Deco. It's a creamy milky purple with very slight hint of grey in it and no glitters at all. It's super pretty, and definitely nothing near over-the-top. I'm not a fan of bright bold nail colors (don't ask me why), so this purple is definitely on the top of my fav list. should I say's not a crazy purple, but more of a grown up chic purple. =D It's very opaque, so you can definitely get away with just a nice 2 coats.

The other color that I got is Suzi and the Lifeguard. The reason I got it is that I do not have any pink in my collection yet. Hah! =P It's a shimmery yellow based light pink. It's slightly runnier than Done Out in Deco, and the shimmers are not chunky shimmers, but very very fine. Again, nothing too crazy, just a normal pink. For this one, I need to apply 3 coats to get it to be totally opaque.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

The swatches below are only 1 coat, and they're done in a hurry (no flash, in-door lighting). This is my first time doing swatches of nail polishes, so please pardon the messy and unprofessional swatch.

Overall, I like both of them. But if I'd have to choose only 1 favorite, it'll be Done Out in Deco. It's definitely more unique than the other one.


Renee said...

Suzi and the lifeguard is so pretty! But what is up with the name? Haha a bit random, no?!

Caramel Geek said...


LOL. Yes, random indeed. =D
OPI always has the most interesting name. =) Which I find refreshing and amusing. Haha.

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