Saturday, July 25, 2009

Review: M.A.C Color Craft Collection

While I was at the M.A.C In Mode workshop, I got the chance to check out Color Craft, which was released last week here. I wasn't too impressed with this collection, and only ended up getting 2 products.

The lipsticks didn't look too exciting to me. All of them look pretty dupable, or it could be that I'm just not that into lip products. As for the lipglass, don't even get me started with the square-tube packaging and swirl-y colored product. Just not my cup of tea.

The eyeshadows looked pretty interesting. They are all very well pigmented, compared to previous releases' mineralized eyeshadows. The only thing that I do not fancy is the 4-color-pinwheel-design. It looks like I'm getting less product. But one could argue that there's actually 4 colors.

Blushes??? Big big disappointment. All of them are very sheer and glittery. Only the darker ones can be used as a blush, they rest could only be passed as a highlighter. And there's just too much glitter in there. =( Though I do have to say that the glitters are not chunky at all. So if you do not have a problem with lots of glitters, you might want to check out the darker shades.

The MSFs!!! Yay! They are super gorgeous. =D The tri-colored ones are nice, but not as smooth as the Brunette Blonde Redhead ones. All the other are nicely pigmented and applied as how they appeared in the pan. The MSFs are probably the ones that are most worth checking out. Even a non huge MSF fan like me is impressed.

As for the brushes, what else could I say. I love brushes! Needless to say, #226 is a must have, especially if you missed it during it's initial launch in the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection. Hands down the best blending brush for people with small eyes. And the other brush is the #131. Super soft, and it is duo-fibre!!! One can definitely use it for very pigmented blushes and MSFs.

So what did I get? I only got the #131 brush and Cheeky Bronze MSF. Cheeky Bronze is sooooo pretty. I was like "OMG...I have to have this one" when I swatched it. It's a bronze with a tiny hint of peach and gold glitters. Don't worry, the glitters are very fine, and nothing too over the top. Remember, I dislike super chunky and crazy glittery stuff. So I wouldn't get it if it is. It'd be great as a blush for me (NC20-25). It appeared darker in photos (see below), but it's not as dark. It could be applied with a light hand for a nice heathly glow. As for the #131 brush, I just have to have it too. I've been wanting it since I heard of it in early April. I planned to use it with very pigmented blushes (eg. Dollymix). I'd definitely try it with other products to see if it could be use for other purposes as well. =)

And lastly, some photos for your viewing pleasures.


Naomi said...

The 131 brush is heaven for foundations. I still have to get the 226. I also picked up the Warm Blend MSF. I've never been into MSFs but this one was calling my name. I've been using it to highlight as well as for eye shadows for lazy days.

Caramel Geek said...


Thanks for the tip! =D Will definitely try it for foundation. Do you just use it like the 190?
Me too. I've never been into MSFs, until Blonde and Redhead comes around. Now I only own Blonde, Redhead and Cheeky Bronze. =D

Naomi said...

It depends on the foundation that I'm using. If I'm using MAC Studio Fix Fluid then I use it more like the 187/188; if I'm using MUFE Face & Body the I use it more like the 190.

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