Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review: Shiseido The Skincare Multi-Energizing Cream

I haven't been writing much about skincare since I started this blog. It's not that I'm not interested in skincare, it's just that they don't have as much variety as (for example) eyeshadows. In fact, I do think that skincare is very important. Much more important than makeup IMHO. Without a good skin, makeup would not look good on the face anyway. My philosophy is: Makeup should not be used to cover your flaws, but to accentuate your beauty.

Now, back to the review. Have you ever had a random dry spot on your face that you get can get rid of? Maybe looking a bit dull on the cheeks. Well, this product might be just the thing you need. Introducing...Shiseido The Skincare Multi-Energizing Cream.

Note: The one shown in the photos is actually a deluxe sample, so that's not the actual size of a full size product.

A luxurious restorative beauty treatment cream formulated with a complex of vitamins to intensively nourish, energize, and fortify skin in its fight against environmental stress and the visible signs of aging. --

It's a facial cream that claims to fight against dehydration, dullness and fatigue. The texture feels a bit like a cross between gel and cream. It's creamy, yet does not have that oily feeling. This product contains xylitol-enriched Phyto-Vitalizing Factor, which helps moisturize and retexture skin, to give it a younger and softer looking skin. The cream has the signature Shiseido The Skincare range scent, which is a extremely soft calming scent (which reminds me of a beautiful Japanese garden filled with flowers).

I have these really stubborn dry areas around the corners on my mouth. If I use regular moisturizer that suits my whole face, it would not be hydrating enough for those areas. But if I use a richer cream, then it'll be too oily for the rest of my face. And I've tried using richer creams on that area only and then normal moisturizer on the others, it doesn't work as well. Those stubborn dry areas just look dull and dry. Yuck!

Until...I received a deluxe sample of the Multi-Energizing Cream. At first, I was a bit spektical, as it looks just like any other facial cream. But, boy oh boy, how wrong was I. This is a miracle worker. After using this for 2 months, The skin around the corners of my mouth is no longer dry or even dull. I am happy as a clam. =D I use this on the dry and dull areas after my toner, and then followed by my regular moisturizer all over the face.

  1. Moisturizing. Absolutely.
  2. Helps dull skin to look more energized.
  3. Does not feel greasy at all.
  4. Smells great!
  1. It comes in a jar (Boo...). But, since it worked so well on me, I think I might just be able to pardon the jar packaging. =P
Overall, I love this cream. I definitely won't be using this all over my face, just on those trouble spots. I'd recommend this to those we suffer from random dry, dull areas, or those with fatigue looking skin. It works wonders. But I won't recommend it to people with oily skin though, as it might be too oily.


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