Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tag: Choose or Leave

We all know we have more makeup than we would ever need. *guilty* And we know that all those blushes are going to outlive us. LOL. So, I thought it'll be interesting to start a tag or something like that, to see what are the essentials that we would pick out from the massive collection of ours.

Here's the scenario:
The world has decided that we have too much makeup and the ruler of planet Earth has given us an ultimatum: leave Earth (alone) or pick only the essentials. They're kind enough to let us keep all our skincare products (just the basic cleanser, toner and moisturizer). All we have to eliminate are purely makeup (I think they know we all have a soft spot for makeup).

You're only allowed to keep:
2 brushes
3 eye product (this includes eyeshadow, eye primer, liner, mascara)
3 face product (this includes primers, sunscreen, powder, foundation, concealer)
1 lip product (this includes lip balm, lipgloss, lipstick, liner)

Of course, I can't leave Earth. That would mean leaving the family, the BF, the blog etc. And it would mean nothing if I'm in outer space alone with my makeup and no one to talk to, cause it'll drive me nuts if I don't get to talk to someone.

  • MAC #129 - You can use it for powder, blush, anything!
  • MAC #217 - Eye brush multi-tasker. Wash of color on the lid, crease work, and to blend concealer.
Eye products: (yikes! This one is hard for me.)
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance - without this, eyeshadow wouldn't make sense to me anymore.
  • Clinique Lash Power Curling mascara - Hands down my fav mascara. I'll pick this if I can only choose 1 eye product. Nothing beats mascara when it comes to defining the eyes to give a more awake look.
  • MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow - my eye lids are not even toned. A wash of Ricepaper all over them will even out everything and brightens up my eyes.
Face products: (Haha. Not that I have that many.)
  • Lancome UV Expert sunscreen - the only facial sunscreen that I'll use. Gives my face a healthy glow and doesn't smell like sunscreen. Not oily at all.
  • MAC Studio Touch-up Stick concealer in NC15 - handy little concealer to cover-up those dark circles. =D
  • MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder - after the concealer, I don't really need that much coverage. So, this finishing powder will do just fine. It's good for setting the concealer, and to give my face a soft-focused look while minimizing any imperfections.
Lip products: (LOL. Again, I don't have that many lip products.)
  • Lip balm - any lip balm will do for me. Currently, I'm using Nivea lipcare in strawberry. Nice scent and gives a light tint to the lips.
Now, it's your turn! =) Remember to put a comment at the bottom of this post to let me know if you've posted this. I'm very interested to know what are your must haves. ;)

Have a great day everyone!


em said...

cool tag! I'm gonna do this later!

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Can't wait to see yours! =)

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