Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What are your favorites?

We all have some beauty products that we either hate, love or just indifferent about. Here are some of mine. =)

Eyeshadows -- my first love (when it comes to makeup).
Pigments -- *heart*
Brushes -- I don't think I'll ever get enough of them. Hah!
Blushes -- these babies are slowly becoming one of my favs too. I used to be indifferent about them.
Mascara -- MUST HAVE! =)
Scrubs -- what will I do without you.
Mask -- live saver.
Cleansing oil

Lipstick and lipgloss and lipliners

-- Anything that has chunky glitters in them. Urgh! Utter dislike. And that includes super crazy chunky pigments (I'm talking to you Frost pigment). As much as I love pigments, I absolutely cannot tolerate those that has fall outs all the time (even when I use tons of bases beneath it).
-- Clumpy and smudgy mascara.

So, what are your favorites? =)


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