Saturday, August 8, 2009

Make your own Studio Moisture Tint SPF15

M.A.C just launched their Baby Bloom collection in North America last week. The collection consists of Suntints SPF20 (ie. tinted lip balms) and Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 (ie. tinted moisturizers).

As far as I'm aware, not all international locations will be getting the Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 (check with your local counters). I know for sure that Penang (Malaysia) MAC counter will only be bringing in the Suntints. =( Sad... I've been looking forward to it. Sigh... But fear not! A cute little birdie just share a little tip with me on how to make your own Studio Moisture Tints using permanent MAC products. =D Awesome eh? She swears that the final product is absulotely identical to the original Studio Moisture Tints.

Here's what you need:
Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation (the size of how much you'd normally use)
2 pumps of Studio Moisture Fix
A little spritz of Fix+

Mix all of the above together and you'll get your very own customized Studio Moisture Tint. =)

The best part of this is that:
  1. You'll get to customize your own shade. Studio Moisture Tint comes in only 5 shades (Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark and Deep Dark). But Studio Scuplt Foundation comes in a whooping 23 different shades. So it'll be much more easy to match your own skin tone.
  2. Some people feel that the Studio Moisture Tint is way too sheer. By making your own, you'll get to determine how much coverage you want. =) Just by adjusting the amount of Studio Moisture Fix you mix it or eliminate Fix+ entirely from the recipe, you can definitely create more coverage for your tinted moisturizer.
There you go. Hopefully some of you will find this useful. =)
Let me know if any of you did try this out. ;)


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