Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: RuMe Reusable Bags

Has anyone ever went to the mall and start giving yourself a hard time for forgetting to bring the reusable bags? (Me! Me!) That happens to me a lot. All my reusable bags are too bulky for my handbag, and I tend to forget to bring them along whenever I go out. Thus, I constantly have to accept plastic shopping bags from the supermarket, which result to the huge amount of unused plastic bags in the house.

All these changed when I came across RuMe on the internet. RuMe is a Denver, Colorado-based company that is passionate about making quality and affordable reusable bags for everyday people. All their bags are so practical, and not to mention the huge array of colors and designs to choose from. And lucky for me, TinyTapir happens to carry this in Malaysia. Yay! So I happily bought myself a Mini RuMe, just to try it out before throwing a bunch of cash in for the tempting RuMe ALL.

Mini Spring in New York - Patterns - 3 Bag Collection
Image source: RuMe

Here's a run down on the Mini RuMe bag:
  • individual bag size 11" x 11" x 4"
  • handles are 8" long
  • each bag holds up to 30lbs (that's approximately 13.5kg)
  • water resistant and machine washable
  • double bound seems
  • square sides and bottom
I've gotten myself a Mini Spring in NY - Greenwich, which is the right bag in the photo above.

And here are some photos to show the actual size of the bag, compared to some other day-to-day items. (Allure does count as day-to-day items, right?)

The bag is absolutely wonderful. I have quite a bit of reusable bags that I've gotten for free from various stores and supermarkets. None of them stack up to this. The bag folds up to the size of my mobile phone that I can easily chuck into my handbag and tote it around wherever I go. And to top that, you can actually roll up three bags and tie them together with the velcro strap that comes attached to the bag.

L to R: my existing reusable bag (rolled up), Mini RuMe (rolled up), my mobile phone

See how small it rolls up to? And it hardly weighs anything. Like seriously. You wouldn't even realize that you have an additional "bag" in your handbag.

The Mini RuMe is anything but mini. It actually fits quite a bit. I brought it out for some shopping, and it fits a bottle of milk, a load of bread, and a magazine. And after that, there are still plenty of space left. I was pleasantly surprised by how spacious it is. To show you how "big" it is, here's a photo of a 500g Koko Krunch (cereal) in the bag.

The whole cereal box fits nicely inside, with spaces left for probably another five Allure magazines. The Mini might not be the best bag for your weekly grocery shopping. That would be a job for the Regular RuMe (Mini's elder sister). The Mini is best for your random shopping at the mall, to bring lunch to work/school, a run to the supermarket for eggs/bread/milk, to tote those extra files to work or to bring extra sandals and towel to the beach.

Now, you might think that a bag that is able to be folded wouldn't be any good as it'll be all flimsy. Not for the RuMe. It is able to partially supports itself due to the texture of the bag material. If you noticed in the photo above, the bag didn't crumble down on the sides when it's standing up with something inside.

  1. Super lightweight.
  2. Folds into this mini little thing that you can fit into you pocket/handbag.
  3. Water resistant.
  4. Tons of colors and patterns to choose from. (Bonus!)
  1. I really can't think of any! =D
The best part is, all of RuMe's products are manufactured in a certified Fair Trade Factory.

I highly recommend this to everyone. With that many colors, sizes and patterns to choose from, I can't think of anyone not being able to find something that would suit their lifestyle and taste.

Do you bring around a reusable bag as well? What do you think of the RuMe?

Disclosure: This product was purchased by me.


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